Top 5 Hollow Knight Boss Battles


In my original review of Hollow Knight I mentioned that the bosses are an excellent challenge.. and left it at that mostly. I had my reasons for it really. The review was already going on for longer than the optimal length I want my reviews to be, and also the reason we’re here today: counting down my Top 5 Favourite Hollow Knight Boss Battles!

The rules for this countdown are simple. The placements are based on how much I enjoyed fighting them and how well they are designed. Think of how the Knight’s abilities apply to the boss, and if their attacks are fair. I originally wanted to make this list a Top 5 Hardest bosses but difficulty is subjective, especially in Metroidvanias where you can basically decide to fight a boss early or later on in the game as long as he’s not blocking the way to a new story-progressing area. Besides, there are countless of lists out there with the hardest bosses and they’re mostly the same with the exception of a few. This list is entirely my own opinion and some placements might be higher than others depending on my own experience with them. I have not finished the Godmaster content pack so bosses from there may or may not be on here, but that’s something you’ll find out soon. Also, obvious statement is obvious but there will be spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution. That’s basically all the rules, let me know your lists in the comment section down below!

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