Top 5 Games that don’t exist.. yet!


You know those ”Under the shower” thoughts where you come up with brilliant ideas and ask yourself ”why doesn’t this exist yet”? Well, that’s an easy way to introduce today’s topic. I have these thoughts a lot when I play a game and then realize it would fit perfectly with another franchise or genre and question why this hasn’t been done before. I actually have a track record of predicting upcoming games as well so who knows, maybe some of these become a reality? Let’s hope so!

This list doesn’t really have a lot of rules. I’ll just share the ideas I have for a video game and leave it at that. I do want to try and be as original as possible and therefore not include the same franchises multiple times. I’m trying to write down the ideal game I have in mind, so the entries don’t necessarily relate to how well the game would fit together with the playstyle of another franchise. The order is based on how much I want the games to happen, and how likely they are to happen. Lastly, I’m keeping it at gaming icons only for this list. I know some people would like to see a game based on their favourite movies, but that’s a topic for another day. I’m also not including games that exist in Japan but have never been localized. I would love to see a Tales of game that plays like a fighter, a strategy RPG or a warriors game but surprise, they all exist in Japan.. and we’ll never get them probably. Yet again, that’s a topic for another day. Without further ado, these are the Top 5 Games that don’t exist.. yet!

Pokemon platformer
A Pokémon platformer by DrJamie (fanmade idea)

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