Top 10 Sonic Generations Challenges


If you think back on Sonic Generations, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Generations, of course, stupid question. The two different Sonics going through stages of the past is obviously the main standout asset of the game, but not necessarily where you’ll be spending most of your time… kind of.

The main game only takes roughly two to four hours to beat, contrary to what sites like HowLongToBeat have as an average. Completion takes about double of that, and most of that time is spent on the optional challenge gates. These take place in the same levels as the one from the main game, but have completely different layouts and gimmicks to make them unique. Some of these can be a really fun alternative to the main level and are definitely some of the most memorable parts of the game. Hence why I took it upon myself to discuss the one I deem the most fun today!

However, the title isn’t entirely accurate. I won’t be giving you just a top 10, but a top 5 for both of the Sonics. I was initially planning to do a top 5 best and a top 5 worst, but after beating every single one of them all over again, I realized that I didn’t even have enough entries for the worst counterpart–or at least, not enough different ones. I guess that speaks volumes as to the sheer quality of these challenges, or at the very least that there aren’t many truly bad ones. I had more than enough entries for a top 10 though, so I decided to split that up because I couldn’t order them for the life of me.

There aren’t really any rules for this list; they are ranked based on how much I like them, and pretty much nothing else. I guess I’m not allowing doppelganger races, but they are just glorified time trials so they wouldn’t have made the list anyway. So yeah, I guess I’ll stop babbling and just move on to the list! Click any of the links below to go to the top 5 of your choosing.

Classic Sonic Top 5

Modern Sonic Top 5

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