Top 10 Generation 1 Pokémon


10. Eevee

Pokemon Generation 1 Eevee

Eevee is an absolutely adorable Pokémon–probably one of the most adorable that I can name. That’s also the major reason it’s on this list for me, because this would totally be a Pokémon that I would like to have in real life. I guess a plushie will suffice for now. The only problem with Eevee is that I don’t necessarily enjoy using it in battle, for the sole reason that it has eight different evolutions that I would rather use–especially Glaceon. I am not a fan of using Normal type Pokémon with the exception of a few, so this gives an unfair disadvantage against Eevee. Though to be fair, it can learn a good variety of moves still–especially when we are taking Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee into account. Given how overpowered Pikachu was in the sister game, it should come as no surprise that Eevee has access to quite a lot of unique moves in that game. I was also very happy to see that they chose Eevee as a main partner in the counterpart, because I feel Eevee is a great representation for generation 1 when not taking the starters and legendaries into account. Though I will always evolve it into one of its many evolutions, Eevee still holds a special place in my heart.

9. Aerodactyl

Pokemon Generation 1 Aerodactyl

It was a very tough choice for me to decide between Kabutops and Aerodactyl for this entry. In my opinion, both of them are excellent fossil Pokémon with great designs and I also enjoy using them in battle. But you already saw the title and the image so yes, I went with Aerodactyl after all. It’s just really menacing-looking, being a combination of a pterodactyl with elements thrown in from dragons and wyverns. And hey, it’s one of the few Rock/Flying Pokémon as well, what’s not to love aside from a weakness against five types including Rock! I haven’t used Aerodactyl as much as I want to in the games themselves because they’re usually available pretty late in the game, but I do still use it occasionally. Rock and Flying moves are almost always viable, and they also have a wide variety of other moves they can learn to cover their weaknesses. Can’t say I’m really a fan of the Mega Evolution though; it’s just Aerodactyl with pointy rocks. Woo.

8. Gyarados

Pokemon Generation 1 Gyarados

Gyarados is just epic. Everyone was surprised when they saw Magikarp, thought it was pathetic just for it to transform into this massive sea serpent later on. You know what they say: don’t bully the fat kid because he’ll come back with a vengeance. The inspiration in general is very cool for this evolutionary line, being the legend of the carp that leapt over the dragon gate to become a dragon. Unfortunately for Gyarados it never became a dragon, but a Water/Flying type. Still a good typing though, and it’s definitely my favourite Pokémon with this typing since the others tend to all be birds. This is a serpent. Contest won. They usually are part of my team as well, even though it sucks levelling a Magikarp to level 20–even if the modern games make that a non-issue. I’m not really a fan of most other Water Pokémon from generation 1 though, so I always pick Gyarados for my team. And due to it being based on a dragon even though it isn’t, it has access to quite a large movepool. Fire, Electric, Dragon and several other types are all covered by this menacing Pokémon. Yet again not really a fan of the Mega Evolution though; I like the massive fin and the red trim through the design, but it’s so small now; almost looks like an accordion or something. And it still didn’t end up being a Dragon. Poor Gyarados.

7. Mewtwo

Pokemon Generation 1 Mewtwo

The original legendary Pokémon that all other legendaries must answer to, Mewtwo is one of the most well-known and beloved Pokémon out there. This Pokémon strikes fear in the eyes of many, freezing everyone who it comes into contact with. And that’s also why I really like Mewtwo a lot; it is highly powerful–one of the most powerful even, and it knows it is. The aura of Mewtwo definitely makes up for something heretical that I’m about to say but… personally, I don’t like Mewtwo’s design that much. It’s iconic and fits its legend yeah, but it doesn’t appeal to me. Mega Mewtwo Y on the other hand, now that’s a design I like quite a lot. Not Mega Mewtwo X though; that’s just ugly in my eyes. But we’re not here for the mega evolutions and even though I’m not too big a fan of the design, Mewtwo is still a great Pokémon. This carries over in battle as well as it has consistently been one of the strongest Pokémons ever. The Psychic type in general dominated in the first generation with little to no weaknesses, but even in later generations, it is at the top of the rankings. Mewtwo can also learn quite a lot of different moves, making it a versatile Pokémon to use. I have not used Mewtwo a lot since it’s usually hidden at the far end of the game, but it is nice to use in the post-game to completely annihilate everyone standing in your way.

6. Charizard

Pokemon Generation 1 Charizard

Due to Gamefreak’s obsession with Charizard, I almost feel guilty for putting it on this list. The not-dragon has literally become the Final Fantasy VII of the Pokémon series; keep milking it until it stops giving money. I’m definitely of the opinion that it’s unfair Charizard has gotten so much love over the years while other Pokémon barely receive any, but on the other hand… there is a reason. Even people who haven’t played any Pokémon game will recognize this fan-favourite. The design is awesome, and Fire is usually the favoured starter type for many people. I am no different; Charmander was my first starter ever, and I have never picked Bulbasaur or Squirtle just because I like the Charmander line far more. The design also really appeals to me and while I don’t really care for Charmeleon, Charizard is definitely a worthy final evolution. And of course, I genuinely enjoy using it in battle as well due to its typing that negates some of the weaknesses the other type would have, and the Fire- or Flying types are almost always present in my team. And hey, they finally made it a dragon with one of its Mega Evolutions! Generation 6 is where people truly began to riot against Charizard’s popularity because it has two separate Mega Evolutions while the starters from the same generation only have one, and the uproar is completely understandable. Fortunately, they still took the opportunity to make both of the Mega Evolutions look really cool; especially the X form. Now please Gamefreak, let Charizard rest for a bit and give the other starters some deserved attention.

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Nidoking/Nidoqueen are great in this generation. Back when I played through Yellow version I got a Nidoking and it was a permanent member of the team.