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Hello there and welcome to my countdown of my favourite Generation 1 Pokémon! After my review of Pokémon Let’s Go earlier this week, I figured I wasn’t done yet with the Pokémon train. Given that the game was a love letter to the first generation of Pokémon (even if it failed in some aspects), I figured I would pick up the mantle and rank my favourite Pokémon from the generation. It has been the generation I grew up with after all, so there are quite a lot of Pokémon that I have fond memories of. Unfortunately, that also means I have to leave some Pokémon off the list that I really wanted to address as well. Oh well, maybe I’ll do a complete tier list one day.

Before I move on to the list though, I want to address how I’m ranking these Pokémon to give you a better understanding of why some Pokémon are or aren’t on the list:

  1. The ranking is mostly based on design over anything. Appearances in the manga and anime won’t really be taken into account since that would give some Pokémon unfair advantages over others.
  2. I don’t care for competitive viability, stats, natures and all that. It’s more important for me how fun they are to play with.
  3. No Mega Evolutions, Alolan forms etc. I will address them, but they do not factor in the results.

This list probably won’t be the most original out there but hey, let’s just give it a shot!

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Nidoking/Nidoqueen are great in this generation. Back when I played through Yellow version I got a Nidoking and it was a permanent member of the team.