Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Lancer servants!


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Love Tier

FGO Lancer Love Tier

(From left to right)

Kiyohime – I won’t go into detail too much since she’s a summer servant, but let’s just keep it short and say that I love Kiyohime a lot. How much? Find out next time on the Berserker tierlist! Her Lancer form is exactly Kiyohime, just a bit more direct with how much she loves master but that’s not surprising. I really love using her in battle–surprise, I have her max grailed–but she’s in desperate need of a buff. Not because she’s bad, but just because every (summer) Lancer that came afterwards is just better. She’s got an almost exact copy of her Berserker skillset and that is just highly outdated. What I do love about her gameplay though, is that she has a whopping 6 hits on her Buster cards, making her an absolute crit monster as well as having the ability to gain NP charge through buster cards. Oh, and her animations are great of course. I really want to talk more about Kiyohime, but let’s keep it short for now and postpone that for the actual Berserker tierlist.

Valkyrie – The first of four ”I desperately want to grail you but I need more grails” servants, the Valkyrie trio are amongst my favourite Lancers… with the next three. As I’ve said before, I absolutely love Norse Mythology so this is kind of a biased opinion. Frankly, I never really expected them to make Valkyries a servant because they’re not a singular existence, but they made it happen and gave us three beautiful girls at the same time. Their characteristics are also similar to what I expected, though seeing them with more emotions in Lostbelt 2 was a nice surprise. They’re very similar in role to Parvati as they are Quick AoE loopers, just slightly less consistent and reliant on the Skadi system. It doesn’t really matter to me as I love using them, but they’re overall.. about average. But oh well, love over gameplay am I right?

Qin Liangyu – The second of four ”I desperately want to grail you but I need more grails” servants, Chung-Li Alter is going to come to our North American version in only a few months. I don’t know everything about her character yet due to me not being able to understand moonrunes, but I really love her design- and voice. Let’s not beat around the bush; her design is most of the reason why she’s this high. That aside, she’s also an excellent and fun servant to use in battle! Around this time, FGO was introducing a lot of servants that could buff- or debuff by attacking with specific cards. In Qin’s case, she can use her NP to decrease the defence of an enemy when attacking normally, remove buffs when the attack is critical, decrease their critical damage when she gets attacked, heal the party when that attack is critical and last but not least, buff her attack for 3 turns. Did you catch all that? Many people thought this servant was completely broken, though that wasn’t really the case and instead, she’s just a really fun servant to use when soloing. And that’s something I’m definitely going to do when she comes!

Nagao Kagetora – The third of four ”I desperately want to grail you but I need more grails” servants, white-haired Okita is also someone from the Gudaguda universe. As a TL;DR, Gudaguda servants are basically 60% serious and 40% a meme. Nagao may look like a more serious servant than the previous Gudaguda servants but don’t be fooled; she’s quite a psycho. To be fair, her real-life lore plays a part in that characteristic as she was quite feared as a general. Since she’s up this high on the tierlist, you can probably guess what I love about her though: her design, voice actress and characteristics. Fortunately for me though, she’s a really good ST Arts Lancer as well. She kind-of made Li Shuwen irrelevant due to her being a welfare servant as well as just… better. Most of her buffs only last one turn, but her superior charisma-like skills lasts 3 turns. Most importantly, she has NP spamming potential, and the NP also removes ALL offensive buffs on an enemy. Really solid servant, can’t wait for Gudaguda 4!

Gareth – The final of four ”I desperately want to grail you but I need more grails” servants, Gareth is the most adorable servant in the Knights of the Round. Scratch that; she’s probably the most adorable servant in the whole game. That’s also my main reason for loving her this much, but her design and voice actress are both excellent as well. She’s a really fun servant to use as well who is actually the first ST Lancer ever to have an NP battery skill! What’s more, she’s a good tank/DPS hybrid where she has a taunt skill and also a skill that increases her attack every time she gets attacked, which she can then use on a damaging NP that pierces invincibility. Really good low-rarity servant, and one that I can’t wait to use. I really want more grails though…

Elizabeth Bathory – The idol takes her stage in the love tier as well. Many people are tired of seeing her everywhere but eh, I can’t get enough of Eli. This mostly goes for her FGO counterpart though, as I yet again couldn’t care less for what Fate/Extella did. She’s just an evil bean that tries really hard to be evil, but she really isn’t. Can’t fool me Eli, you’re just an adorable cinnamon roll. I really like her design as well, though it’s weird that she has nothing under her outfit to protect her upper body. Not a problem for me, but the FBI won’t like it. I actually use her a lot in-game as well, though mostly as a support. She has a charisma that also further buffs female allies which is always useful, and a defence-down skill. She’s also one of my first servants that kept spooking me so much that I’ve ended up with NP5, but I rarely use her for DPS purposes because she isn’t that strong. And also because the next servant exists:

Jeanne d’Arc Alter Lily – Tsundere saint transformed into a loli to yet again remind you that the FBI exists. Funnily enough though, despite being a younger version of Jeanne Alter, she resembles regular Jeanne far more. Then again, she’s still a tsundere soo… mix of both? Mix of both. She’s on here this high because of her being Jeanne, but also because there has been a pattern so far in putting younger servants higher up the list. Sorry, can’t help it. Since she is a welfare servant, she’s very easy to NP5 and she also has access to both an NP battery skill, as well as a massive buster buff. Hence why I said that I usually pick Alter Lily over Elizabeth–or most other buster AoE servants for that matter–because it’s very easy for her to clear a wave and then hand over the role to someone else. Fun servant to use, and also an adorable little Jeanne Alter. Can’t go wrong with that.

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