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Scathach – Scathach was one of the promotional servants used for the game, and with good reason. During early game, she was easily amongst the most popular and is still a highly regarded servant to this day. Of course I really like Scathach too; she’s a very powerful and respectable character, looks very good and is overall fun to play with as well. Her lore is very interesting as well, and I honestly really want to visit the Land of Shadows someday in FGO. In-game she’s an excellent ST Quick servant with a niche in absolutely destroying divine- and undead enemies. And since her Caster counterpart became the so-called ”Saviour of Quick”, it’s not surprising that Scathach herself too can be beneficial to Quick teams with a targetable Quick buff. She hasn’t been buffed a lot yet, but on the other hand that also proves how powerful she is.

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne – Women their ideal male is someone who I’ve already mentioned a few times before. His placement on this list has mostly to do with my experience with Fate/Zero, where he’s one of my favourite servants from that specific series. He’s honourable, loyal and just a good dude overall. All he looks for is an honest one-on-one fight, even if he has to lower his own strength for that. Unfortunately that wish has never been granted which is actually really sad. In-game he isn’t that good; his NP can be quite damaging, but his skillset is pretty weak. His crucial lore plot that he is irresistible to females is only present in one skill that just reduces their attack. It’s a good debuff, but outside of that he is unfortunately not worth using too much over other 3* Lancers. Especially…

Cú Chulainn – Doggo is a 5* servant but they accidentally made him a 3* servant. Weird flex but ok. Like Diarmuid, he is also on here because of his appearance in the Fate/Stay Night anime. He’s one of my favourite servants from there, and surprisingly for similar reasons to his mentor Scathach; very powerful and respectable, good looks and especially fun to play with. He’s very much a big bro character, and I like those. But yeah, calling him a 5* servant with 3* stats is not an understatement, as Cú has crazy survivability. His evasion lasts indefinitely for 3 attacks, and he also has a guts on top of that. Not to mention his high-damaging NP, and you got an excellent soloing servant here.

Cú Chulainn (Prototype) – Proto Doggo is a 4* servant but they accidentally made him a 3* servant. Joking aside, this Cú is a slightly younger variant and in my opinion, also a better-looking one. He very rarely appears in the story though, and while original Cú has seen an animation update, Proto Cú is still stuck with his old ones. His gameplay is also slightly different; he still has the same awesome evade skill, but he’s more crit-based and also has a niche against enemies with the beast trait. There are quite a lot of these, especially non-servant enemies, which makes him quite a good boss killer as well. You can’t go wrong with either Cú; they’re both awesome servants.

Artoria Pendragon Alter – Saber is so OP, that even her Lancer form gets an alter form. This form was funnily enough introduced before Rhongomyniad, and also literally just appeared at the end of the fourth singularity for no reason. They really did this a lot in older singularities. She’s very much the same as the original Alter form; heartless, but still believing in what she does is the right path. She’s pretty good gameplay-wise as well, being an excellent crit-servant that can also boost her own damage quite high. Her NP also does a lot of damage, but she is story-locked so if you want higher levels, you’ll have to actually roll on her rate-up.

Artoria Pendragon – Saber decided to yeet the sword and instead take up the lance. This is also a what-if situation that is closer to Artoria’s ideal view as a king. Her character is very much the same as Artoria though, so there’s little different here to speak off. Kind of weird that I put her in the like tier here, but in the neutral tier on the Saber list… Oh well. Her gameplay is also very similar to that of OG Artoria, but she does have a nicer NP battery and an invincibility-ignoring NP. Pretty cool overall, but unfortunately like Lancer Alter she’s story-locked and of course I don’t have her either because gacha.

Enkidu – Best clay is the only being that Gilgamesh considers a friend. Must be an impressive servant then right? Well, for me Enkidu most definitely is. He’s more a weapon than anything and therefore also cares less about humans, but due to his friendship with Gilgamesh, he will definitely put friendships above anything else. He will always be respectful, even if his master gets hurt by someone; he’ll probably still absolutely destroy you since he is that powerful. He’s one of the best soloing servant in the game, not only having access to an evade but also to a whopping 10k healing skill. His damage isn’t lacking either, having a 50% Buster buff that also comes with a free Arts of Quick buff depending on chance, and he can stun divine enemies with his NP. There’s also a damage increase to a small pool of enemies with the ”Threat to Humanity” trait, and it’s not unlike that small pool will become bigger with the final lostbelts. And hey, he can transform into anything- and anyone and has no gender soo…. best clay.

Medusa Lily – Ana is adorable. I already like the gorgon sisters as a whole, and Ana is no exception to this rule. An adorable, lovely girl but still someone who doesn’t care for humans. Really loves her sisters too, but is too embarrassed to meet them since she’s the youngest of the trio. I really love using her in-game as well. She’s a very solid ST Quick Lancer–not necessarily one of the best, but the one I have the most fun with. That is not only because she has nice survivability, but also due to her having a Quick resistance debuff on both her charm skill as well as her NP. That, and her NP also has a decent chance to stun enemies. She has also spooked me many times already so my Ana is NP5, which helps me out a lot!

Brynhildr – My love for yandere valkyrie partially originates from my love for Norse Mythology. I’ve always found Brynhildr and the Valkyries fascinating characters, so it was great to see her in FGO. I also liked how creative they’ve been with her, as they’ve looked at multiple different stories where she appeared in, and then shaped her as a fallen angel with a deep love for Sigurd–but also someone who will end up killing her due to the period in time her spirit origin came from. This love has been implemented into her gameplay, where she will do extra damage against a serious amount of servants that have the ”Brynhildr’s beloved” trait. But aside from her niche, she’s truly an excellent ST Lancer, probably one of the best even. Her NP still does massive damage even to non-beloved enemies, she can buff her own Buster and NP damage even further, turn anyone into a crit servant with a targetable skill, and finally there’s a 20-30% NP battery that also debuffs the enemies their crit chance and NP damage. Is there anything this woman can’t do???

Karna – Typical E rank luck Lancer truly lives up to his name. Met his end in Fate/Apocrypha by the hands of a cardboard box and his boyfriend, and was also unfairly dismissed in the fifth singularity. What’s worse, there’s an angry bird who keeps screaming ”KARNAAAAAA” in his ear. Good thing he’s getting a redemption arc in the fourth Lostbelt. Joking aside, Karna is one of the most respectable servants in the entire franchise. He has no negative emotions in him at all, and is a true hero. I unfortunately don’t have him in FGO yet but from the amount of times I’ve tried him out, he’s a pretty solid AoE Buster Lancer. He has only gotten one buff and it’s definitely time for another, but it also shows that he’s a very balanced servant that doesn’t need a lot of adjustments. Isn’t it about time he gets another class as well though…?

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