Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Lancer servants!


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Musashibou Benkei – Benkei is amongst my least favourite lancers, for no particular reason. I don’t like his design, though I do like that his final ascension embodies what Benkei was known for in real life. His character is okay, but not mention-worthy for me. His gameplay is even worse, focussing on sealing enemies their skills and NP, as well as stunning them with his own NP. Problem is that literally all of these are chance, and they will miss quite often. He can be used as a taunt servant I suppose, but there are just so many better others out there, especially someone who will come up later in this list. His skillset is certainly unique and befitting of his myth, but it’s just not worth it to use him in FGO.

Romulus – ROMA was such a weird inclusion to the game, at least his original form. To be fair, the entirety of Septem was just bad, but throwing in Romulus as a 3–which is most definitely not the rarity where he belongs–was just rubbing more salt on the wound. His character design is also just so off, which they fortunately fixed when he made his grand return. Regardless, he does play pretty well in-game. Imperial Privilege is everyone’s most hated skill but the buffs from it are nice, and he also has an NP battery + targetable guts and Buster buff. It’s almost like they realised later on that putting him in as a 3 was a mistake huh…

Fionne Mac Cumhaill – Rare Prism No. 1 is for most people their most hated spook. He has actually gotten much better gameplay-wise over the years, but he’s mainly this low because I don’t really care for his character. Especially after what he did to Diarmuid who was one of the most loyal knights ever, though I can’t really blame his FGO counterpart for something that happened in myths. His womanizer personality is just slightly more annoying than others though, but at least he isn’t Blackbeard. Funnily enough though, he turned from one of the worst Lancers in the game to one of the better Arts loopers in his class due to the number of buffs he has gotten over the years. You may want to reconsider burning him now.

Jaguar man – Someone with the name ”Jaguar Man” and design of Taiga could only be an insert character and indeed, she is! And a strong insert character as well, because she absolutely destroyed the Chaldea members in Babylonia. I’m not really too big a fan of Taiga, but I do appreciate her existence regardless because it leads to quite some funny moments. The only reason she isn’t in neutral is because the Lancer class is filled with excellent servants. She’s also very solid Gameplay-wise, being able to buff herself very well and dish out a lot of damage. Only disadvantage being that she is a story-locked servant, so getting her will be a bit tougher.

Houzouin Inshun – When it comes to Houzouin, it’s mostly his design that he’s this low. Though I also don’t care for this character either which, to be fair, is not bad at all but it just doesn’t appeal to me at all. This is probably one of my more negatively biased picks but eh, I don’t hate him at least. For what it’s worth, he’s actually a very good servant for soloing, as he can spam his NP very well which in turn gives him a one-time evade alongside several other buffs. He’s very much a quick-based servant, and doesn’t even need to rely on other servants to kill the strongest of bosses. It would even make him worse in some regards, as him using his cards is very important. A slightly tougher servant to master, but one worth raising.

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