Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Berserker servants!


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Love Tier

FGO Berserker Love Tier

(From left to right)

Kiyohime – Here we are! My favourite servant in the whole game is indeed the Yandere Snek! And how could I not love a servant that also loves me quite a lot? That is, of course, as long as I don’t lie, but I hate lies myself so we’re a perfect match for each other. And I just love how much of a stalker she is, appearing pretty much everywhere the main character goes and telling him/her how much she loves them. She does also have a serious side to her though, but 9 out of 10 times she goes full Yandere, especially when another servant gets a bit too close to Master. In-game she is… alright at best unfortunately. Her damage is very lacking except for her NP, but even that could use a buff in my opinion. They buffed her defensive skill more than a year ago to inflict a ”spread” effect which results in fire doing more damage, but what she needs is more damage. Oh well, one day we’ll get out 5* Kiyohime Bride servant for Valentines… sob

Oda Nobunaga – Chuubinyou Demon King returns this time in a swimsuit as a rockstar. Why? It can’t be helped of course! She’s mostly the same as her original form, but even more easy-going and just very hilarious overall as well. Her voice actress has done an especially good job on her Berserker form, it sounds so good! I also really love using her in-game because she may not have the highest damage or buffs, but she still does massive damage to Divine enemies and that’s more than enough for me. She also has a mini Merlin NP skill for whatever reason, but I do like it since it makes her crit slightly more consistently. Can’t wait to NP5 her (hopefully) during Gudaguda 4!

Mysterious Heroine X Alter – While Mysterious Heroine X might be a Star Wars reference, Alter is a literal Sith Lord. To make the reference even more true, she also seeks to kill the original X once and for all. Don’t let that distract you from the fact that she is still very much a Saber-face who loves food and Japanese culture. In-game she’s actually pretty good, as she still deals bonus damage against Sabers which basically makes her a better MHX because of class advantage. Her skill set is also very diverse and fun to mess around with, as she can literally reduce an ally’s star generation which can be very beneficial for a Berserker, and also heal herself + buff every card’s critical damage once. I unfortunately don’t have her even though I really tried, but one day I hopefully will!

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