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Hercules – The unkillable hero from Greece is the Berserker-class servant from Fate/Stay Night, and also one of my favourites from there. Though he does speak in grunts only, you can still see how much he cares for his master as well as how powerful he is. Though the first two routes of Fate/Stay Night may not have been extremely generous to him, I can’t wait to see his return in the final Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel movie. In-game he also truly lives up to his legend; he just won’t die, especially if you have his Bond 10 CE. He is already quite good without it since he’s a Berserker with both good damage and survivability, but his Bond 10 CE gives him 3 free guts alongside the guts he himself can already activate. What’s more, they very recently buffed his guts skill to grant him a 20% Buster buff every time a guts is triggered. Hercules won’t ever die, and he’ll also kill everything in the process.

Vlad III –  Count Dracula is one of my favourite fictional characters, which I can mostly thank Castlevania for. I never said I couldn’t be biased for this list right? I do think they’ve handled him very well though, because he is still Vlad who became famous in the entire world not for his deeds in Romania, but for the vampire Bram Stoker created. Therefore, Vlad is eternally struggling with that fact and doesn’t want anything to do with it–although his Berserker form is slightly more accepting of it. He’s definitely one of my favourite servants from Apocrypha, and for good reason. Vlad wasn’t that good when he first came in the game, but they’ve buffed him quite a lot and now that Castoria exists, he’s one of the highest servants in the Meta. Especially hit latest buff which allows him to stack guts, as well as an NP gain buff, has made him so much better. Rightfully deserved if you ask me!

Asterios – Fluffy Minotaur is an adorable big fluffball and Euryale’s boyfriend. He’s also a child apparently, as he recently got that trait. Despite being a half-monster, he’s a kind being that can also be reasoned with through dialogue. In FGO they also go deeper into his struggles with being known as the Minotaur, and I feel they handled that part well. Asterios is someone who I absolutely love to use in-game as he’s both a decent offensive- and defensive servant, but also an extremely good debuffer. His NP lowers the attack- and defence of all enemies twice with different percentages and duration, and therefore he can literally solo boss fights himself given the correct circumstances like a boss with a high amount of hits. Really fun servant to use!

Cú Chulainn Alter – Doggo’s food was stolen which caused him to go aggressive and go all-out as an Alter. He’s the complete opposite of OG Cú, and also Medb’s ideal husband. Therefore, there is little ”respectable warrior Cú” to be found here, and instead a ruthless killer who just sees fights as an obstacle to victory and nothing more. His design makes my inner edgelord squee though. We’ve already covered all Cú Chulainns before, but it should come as no surprise that he basically has their toolkit but in a more aggressive Berserker gameplay. This means that he can dish out good damage, and also survive longer than most Berserkers. Some also declare him as a 5* Heracles which isn’t wrong either. I’m hoping to get him later this year when I finish getting my last two copies for Katou as well.

Chacha – We’re at the crazy side of Gudaguda again with Nobu’s spoiled niece, who literally ate out of a Holy Grail to start a singularity because Nobu stole her pudding. God I love Chacha; she’s so happy-go-lucky, but the serious side of her life does show up every now and then. Her voice- and animations on the other hand completely show her childish side again, where she also constantly says her own name in an adorable way. In-game she’s mostly decent, but she’s also a welfare servant so very easy to get. I haven’t used her that much, but her first skill is beneficial for getting that NP faster, and her second skill is a free star generation skill for 3 turns with a demerit that is pretty much irrelevant. The third skill is a nice defence down on an enemy, but it takes 5 turns to reach its full potential and is therefore not really better than any other defence down skill. The AoE Buster NP does nice damage though, and is definitely a good budget option.

Penthesilea – Amazoness CEO is an interesting Berserker servant: She’s very reasonable and can have interesting discussions at any time, until the name Achilles is mentioned. That’s when her true Berserker form comes out to party, and she’ll go into absolute rage mode to kill her enemy–even if it isn’t Achilles, but in her mind she sees the enemy as him. It’s quite effective really: Just point in a general direction, tell her that’s Achilles and she’ll get rid of the enemy. And getting rid of them she shall, as she is a very solid 4* ST Buster Berserker who can spam her NP decently well, as well as annihilate Greek Mythology male servants. Every male from that mythology is Achilles after all!

Atalanta Alter – Cat went full angry mode and evolved into angry cat who judges you about your opinion on children. She is surprisingly still very similar to normal Atalanta, but she’s a bit more easily convinced to switch sides if it means fulfilling her goals. Kind of a filthy traitor now that I think about it. But eh, it’s still Atalante so I like her and especially her design- and voice actress. Atalanta Alter has one primary job in-game, and that’s to dish out a lot of crit damage as an ST Quick Berserker. Pretty much her entire kit is revolved around doing this, and she succeeds at it very well.

Paul Bunyan – You know how some servants have epic names like King of Kings, or Demon King of the Sixth Heaven? Paul laughs at them and declares her title as ”Berserker of Learning with Manga”. Paul is an adorable giant, always just acting sweet and playing with the other child servants. It’s just always fun seeing her on-screen, being the adorable goofball that she is. Despite being a welfare servant, she is actually the only one that is a 1*. She’s pretty alright for a 1* though! A party-wide Buster/crit buff and an AoE defence buff makes her a nice budget support, and her NP only lasts 2 seconds which can sometimes be a gift from the heavens. NP animation skip when by the way?

Jeanne d’Arc Alter – A swimsuit servant so I won’t go too much into detail about her personality, though our favourite Tsundere is surprisingly far tamer than her usual self here. Of course she will still talk all rowdy, but she is basically the servant you interact with the most during this summer event and not once does her Avenger-side show. Oh, and her basically trying to be an edgelord is the icing on the cake. I really like using her in-game too as she’s an excellent ST Buster servant that’s free to get, and therefore is a good option for burst damage. A free evade for 3 turns keeps her alive for longer, and dealing burn damage with every normal hit when the skill is active is just a nice extra. She can also buff herself well enough in damage, so definitely a servant worth investing in. Though of course, that shouldn’t be too surprising of the servant with the highest attack in the game in her original class.

Frankenstein – Another excuse for Fate to gender-bend a servant, Fran is arguably the most adorable Berserker in the whole game. She only talks when she truly has to, and usually only talks in grunts and headshakes. But it’s super adorable to see her try and get closer to her master with the limited amount of vocabulary she has. Also, despite them being mortal enemies in Apocrypha, Mordred and Fran are best OTP. I must say that I don’t use her a lot in FGO though, and that’s for one simple reason: there’s a pretty massive debuff on her NP that stuns her for two turns. Now of course this can be dealt with by bringing in servants that can cleanse her debuff or give her invulnerability, but there are a lot of other options that I can bring that don’t need a setup to be fun to use.

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