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Neutral Tier

FGO Berserker Neutral Tier

(From left to right)

Lancelot – AAAAARRTHHUUUUUURRRR is Lancelot Alter before Lancelot existed. So is Lancelot Lancelot Alter or Lancelot Alter Lancelot Alter? Hmmm… Yet again, I don’t care for his character which are mostly Berserker noises, but the concept behind his character is pretty good as he was one of the causes to Artoria’s eventual downfall, but still one that loved his king to the very end. Weird that he was one of those servants that pretty much only showed up in one singularity for literally no reason though. In-game he became one of the go-to servants for Quick AoE farming, due to him having a class advantage against pretty much every class and having a very nice refund on his NP. His entire skillset is also based around being a Quick servant, heavily relying on critical damage and buffing himself as much as possible to make that happen.

Lu Bu Fengxian – Another Berserker that uses grumbles as default language so I can’t really speak much about his personality. I also still have nightmares about his boss fight in Fate/Extra. Real talk though, I do kind of miss that Berserkers nowadays aren’t more like Lu Bu anymore, and are instead able to talk like any other servants. I know it doesn’t really help their character as proven by Lancelot and Lu Bu, but other servants just barely sound like a Berserker anymore at this point.  Anyhow, back to Lu Bu. He’s a fairly strong ST Buster Berserker who doesn’t have a lot of unique skills, but his role is to dish out massive damage and he succeeds in spades at this despite being a 3*. Both his general damage and NP damage can be increased, and he can also buff his defence for slightly more survivability.

Spartacus – King of Oppression Fighters will destroy anyone who is an oppressor… at least, if he manages to live. Fighting oppressors is most of what he is though, which is a funny personality to have but I don’t remember much else about him. This may sound a bit strange though, but I can’t wait to see him in Lostbelt 3 alongside the other 2 servants that love to rebel. I use him quite often in-game as well, as he’s a cheap-to-raise, solid farming servant with an NP battery. He also has multiple ways to heal himself, but he’s still a 1* Berserker that will die by one crit so while it’s cool to have, you probably won’t use it too often.

Sakata Kintoki – Mr. Golden was the first 5* Berserker to grace the same, and still a fairly solid one at that. As I’ve stated with his Rider version though, I’m completely neutral on him. No love, no hate, just neutral. Despite being one of the earlier servants, he still succeeds at his job of dishing out good damage as a ST Buster Berserker, especially with his 50% NP battery that gives him a lot of freedom for CE choices. It is about time he gets a buff though–not because he’s bad, but just because we’ve seen so many great ST Berserkers since release.

Caligula – Nero’s No. #1 fan loves many things, but he loves Nero most of all. He also has a weird affection with the moon due to the goddess presiding over it, which is also the cause of his madness. Caligula is another servant I’m mostly neutral on, but slightly more towards the positive side because I do genuinely like his design. His gameplay is a bit weird though, specifically the toolkit he has to work with. All of his skills buff his damage which is very nice, and he also has imperial privilege for that juicy defence buff if it lands. But his NP is a… skill seal and a chance to seal all enemies NP for 3 turns. This is actually very good, but the latter is a decently low chance and it just doesn’t fit his toolkit at all. If the NP seal lands it will be very helpful since the enemies can’t get rid of the seal due to their skills being sealed too, but just… why?

Tamamo Cat – Out of all the servants on the Neutral Tier, I would argue crazy Catdogfox is probably my favourite. Not because I’m necessarily a huge Tamamo fan, but Cat always manages to make me smile when she’s on-screen. Mostly just because she’s pretty dumb, but not in a bad way. And she also appears very often due to her basically being the cook for Chaldea. That said, I am not really a fan of using her in-game. She’s not bad or anything, but she’s more based around survivability but due to being a Berserker, she’ll still die after a crit or two unless you got other servants taking the hits. Her charge is also very pathetic and highly unreliable.

Beowulf – ORA ORA ORA throws a few fast punches before he announces you’re already dead. I’m decently familiar with the tale of Beowulf since it’s from Northern Europe. He’s a battle-hardened man who wants nothing more than to fight, but has a lower madness enhancement level and therefore doesn’t talk in grunts. He’s actually a pretty solid ST Buster Berserker, though I haven’t used him very often yet personally. His toolkit isn’t necessarily anything unique, but he focusses on dishing out raw damage and succeeds in doing so. I should use him more often really, since I believe mine is NP2.

Florence Nightingale – Obsessed Nurse will stop at nothing to heal allies–even if it means killing them in the process. I really love the concept behind Nightingale as a servant because they used her obsessiveness with healing as a base, and turned it into a madness enhancement as a result. Despite her madness enhancement being very high though, she’s still a Berserker that can be reasoned with to a certain degree, as long as it doesn’t interfere with her healing. I don’t think I even need to mention it, but it should come as no surprise that her gameplay also revolves around healing. Not only that, but her NP also has some nice debuffs on there as well which makes it very beneficial to use before an enemy’s NP. Finally, she has a massive Buster performance buff to give to an ally. Though Merlin pretty much does everything better aside from healing, Nightingale definitely still has her place in the game.

Kijyo Kouyou – Dinosaur Woman is a literal dinosaur that they put into the game. I like this. I don’t know too much about her since she’s JP exclusive, but I do love her design and animations. And c’mon, we can play as a freaking dinosaur, of course I love that. She’s looking to be a very solid ST Berserker as well, focussing on both offence- and defence. She can increase her defence and restore HP to the party while also removing a buff, while dishing out nice damage at the same time due to a performance buff for both her Quick- and Buster cards, as well as just having a nice damaging NP overall. Looking forward to getting her in-game and getting to know more about her!

Salome – Lewd Dancer enters the game 4 years after Mata Hari to give her some competition. I don’t know too much about her because she’s JP only right now, but I’m fairly sure I can already judge most of her character from how she sounds. She may be able to talk, but it’s no wonder they put her into the Berserker class; she’s super crazy. I honestly can’t wait to learn more about her, but I’ll have to wait a bit longer for that. I also really like her gameplay which isn’t necessarily good, but very interesting nonetheless. She has a niche where she does more damage again Lawful Good alignment servants and she can keep herself alive for a bit longer, but it’s her last skill that’s most unique to her. It’s a 7 turn debuff on herself but also healing for the same amount of turns, but the best part is that she can potentially give the entire party a 100% NP buff after those 7 turns are over. It’s high-risk-high-reward (especially since she is a Berserker), but that will be so satisfying to pull off!

Mori Nagayoshi – Hoodlum Knight might look like a Lancer at first, but watch him rampage in battle and it won’t take long to notice why exactly he’s a Berserker. Yet again he’s not someone I know a lot about, hence his placement in neutral opposed to it possibly being higher when I do know him. I do really like his voice, design and his battle animations though. He’s looking to be a glass cannon in-game who can dish out very good ST Buster Crit damage, and then probably disappears after giving the party free 20 crit stars on defeat. He’s going to be risky to use, but that’s exactly my playstyle so I’m definitely getting my hands on him next year.

Miyamoto Musashi – Swimsuit servant so I won’t go too much into detail about her personality, which I wouldn’t know about anyway because she’s still Japanese exclusive. She’s quite the interesting servant in-game though. At the moment she is still the only Arts AoE Berserker, and her usage has increased to become one of the most used servants in the game in the current day due to Castoria existing. She has the double-hit skill from her original form, though this time it only applies to Arts cards, which also comes with some nice NP gain. The third skill is where things start to get messy though, as she gets a nice attack buff and a defence down on all enemies, at the cost of a whopping 5000 HP. This hurts very hard on a Berserker, but fortunately it’s not relevant if you use her solely for 3T farming or something.

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