Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Berserker servants!


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Meh Tier

FGO Berserker Meh Tier

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Darius III – The famous rival of Iskandar who got the short end of the stick in FGO. I mean honestly, I could write an entire paragraph here but I can make it short as well and just say that there’s little attractive about him for me. I can’t understand what he’s saying anyway, so the only thing I know about him is that he hates Iskandar. I do use him pretty frequently for farming though, to the point that he’s already bond 10 which is ironic with him being this low on the tierlist. His NP does enough damage to wave-clear, and he recently got a buff to decrease all enemies’ Buster resistance, making him even more reliable as farmer.

Eric the Bloodaxe – If I didn’t include Viking King on this tierlist, would you have remembered him? Because literally no one does, not even DW themselves. If there was an award show for ”Servant that has gotten the least attention from DW ever”, Eric would probably win that award–even though he has gotten two strengthenings while some got none. He made a short, insignificant appearance in Okeanos, and was then never seen again. Which is a shame because his personality can be used for funny moments, as he can talk but is scared to do so due to women problems. He’s also a pretty decent farmer, but I’ve rarely used him outside of launching his short NP. Nothing against Eric, but even I sometimes forget he exists. Should’ve been an Assassin tbh.

Hijikata Toshizou – Shinsengumi-da is a servant I’m mixed on, because I absolutely love the memes that come out of him for being obsessed with the Shinsengumi… but I couldn’t really care about anything else. Frankly, I’m also of the belief that there is little else, at least in his Berserker form. I don’t really like using him in battle either. He has the same mechanic as Anne Bonny & Mary Read where he will do more damage with his NP the lower his HP, but he is a Berserker without a guts. If he did have a guts he would be much more fun to use, but I have to rely on outside support and I may as well bring another Berserker then. Not that I have him anyway so it doesn’t matter to me either way.

Xiang Yu – I’ll keep this one short as well; I don’t know anything about half-horse-half-man due to him being Japanese only at the moment. For now he doesn’t appeal to me too much, but I do think his final ascension is very badass. This is certainly a servant that is capable of going up- or down the tierlist in the future, but I’ll put him in meh for now simply because I have no interest in him at this very moment. From what I can tell gameplay-wise, he does look like a very hard-hitting Crit Berserker. Kind of weird how he has a triple Buster deck and a Quick AoE NP though? No idea how well that will work, but we’ll see.

Arjuna Alter – If you saw my Archer Tierlist, you most likely remember that I made a separate tier for Arjuna specifically. I can’t really speak too much if his Berserker counterpart is better character-wise (which I honestly doubt), but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here. I also like his design more for the first ascension, and he has become one of, if not the best AoE Buster servant in the game for farming. He will do extra damage against enemies with a debuff active–which is very easy to do–and also had an NP battery + a massive Crit Star absorption on Buster cards. He’s a really good servant to get honestly, but he won’t be a priority for me most likely.

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