Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Berserker servants!


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FGO Berserker Dislike Tier

Minamoto no Raikou – Yandere Mum is my least favourite servant in the entire game. I’ve probably already lost a few readers now by stating that, but I really hate everything about her. She is this over-obsessed mum type who has a little bit too much love for her master, and it’s just uncomfortable to read. What I like about her design is that she has multiple weapons on her at once, but it’s immediately brought down by her unrealistic chest size. I don’t know; no hate to people who like Raikou, but I don’t. That said however: The people who do like her are in luck, as she’s one of the best Buster AoE Berserkers in the game. She can dish out nice crit damage, and also have an advantage over demonic enemies and servants with the Earth or Sky attribute, of which there are quite a lot.

Ibaraki Douji – Banana Oni is my second least favourite servant in the entire game. Ironic how my two least favourite servants are in the same class huh. She’s pretty much the opposite of Raikou where she isn’t an over-obsessed mum, but a spoiled brat that constantly throws an annoying tantrum. Want proof that she’s an annoying brat? Just give her candy and she’ll shut her mouth. I also don’t really like her design, but it’s not terrible at least. In-game she’s… yet again not bad. What’s it with my least favourite servants being actually competent in all of their classes smh. She is an ST Buster Berserker with just slightly more survivability than most due to a nice defence skill and a heal, while still being able to dish out a good amount of damage.

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