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FGO Assassin Love Tier

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Katou Danzou – Android Milf is my favourite Assassin in the whole game. It’s probably a biased pick because I only saw her design and already went ”I want her, now”, even though I knew nothing about her character. Heck, I didn’t even know she was a robot to begin with. I’m glad to say that her character didn’t disappoint me either. She is a robot, but now that she has a place in the Throne of Heroes, she has gained the ability to be more independent. It is very wholesome to see Katou living her life and making her own decisions, while helping out master in the process. Helping out she… partially does. Unfortunately she isn’t that good in-game; a weird mix of a defensive- and offensive servant, but master of none. She can give an evade- and invincibility to herself or an ally, but both are on a separate skill and therefore taking up two slots. They do come with a crit star generation buff on both, but it’s still a waste of space. She can buff her Buster- and Quick performance for 3 turns which is nice, but her attack is pretty low–especially on her NP when she isn’t fighting demonic enemies. Katou is by no means a bad servant, but she is severely overshadowed in her own class. Sooo…. buff when DW?

Jack the Ripper – One of history’s most infamous killers was a loli all along! Now while not everyone is a fan of this… interesting decision, I find it brilliant at the same time. Jack was a serial killer whose face has never been seen once, and Fate took that idea and turned it into fanservice. You could argue the Jack from Fate/Strange Fake is more interesting due to it being able to take on any shape, but this Jack is an adorable little murderer. And it’s also not a secret that I have a preference for younger anime characters, sue me. Jack was the original star gathering machine in the game, and still is one of the best to do so. Having 5 hits on Quick cards with a triple Quick deck helps a lot with this, and she can buff her own Quick card effectiveness for even more stars. Her other skills aren’t too noteworthy though, but a low cooldown heal and the ability to remove an enemy’s buffs is still beneficial. Furthermore, her NP does extra damage against female enemies and since FGO is a gacha game, there are a lot of women for Jack to stabby stabby.

Gray – Future Artoria is not really Artoria, but it’s a nice excuse to throw in one more Saber-face. They love looking for excuses like these. She’s a shy- and cute girl who has little experience with the world due to her upbringing, making for even more cute moments when she learns more about daily life. Her design is also very good, and that hood especially fits her very well and makes her look more like a grim reaper. Gray is a pretty solid welfare servant in-game, having a niche against undead enemies and also having the ability to dish out good damage thanks to her skills and NP. The latter actually reduces all enemies’ Buster- and Quick resistance for 3 turns which is very nice, because that’s what Gray specializes in. I really can’t wait for the Lord El-Melloi Case Files collab to come around, because I’ll be able to get two awesome servants in one event. Also, I wonder how Mordred feels about Gray’s existence hm…

Cleopatra – Why do I like Caesar’s love interest? She has the same voice actress as Nobu of course! Rie Kagumiya is my favourite voice actress from Japan, so I’m slightly biased here. But I do also think the Danganronpa artstyle translates well into her design, and I also find her to be a fun character overall. She’s in a way similar to Nitocris–acting tough as a queen, but she has a sweet side to her and just wants to be a good ruler. Fun fact: I actually rolled for her during her release, and a 5* Assassin came my way… but it ended up being Jack. I was of course still very happy, but that was the nastiest spook I’ve ever had. In-game she’s a pretty solid Buster AoE servant with excellent NP gain and survivability. Her kit is very solid and while she doesn’t necessarily stand out in one niche, she executes most very well.

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