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FGO Assassin Like Tier

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King Hassan – Gramps came down to tell some big beast to shut up, then left again. If you search for badass in the dictionary, Hassan’s name is probably right next to it. Besides that, he’s just a reliable servant that you can rely on. And his design is so cool, I love it. Since he is the Grand Assassin, it should come as no surprise that he is also very powerful in-game. His insta-kill gimmick is the most reliable in the game, and he even has a 5% chance to insta-kill enemies with normal attacks. If that wasn’t enough, he can reduce the insta-death resistance of all enemies, give himself a massive buster buff on two separate skills–of which one has a very nice guts as well–and finally, he has a skill that’s not too different from imperial privilege, except that it’s not chance-based. Though the Buster meta is not the most popular in the game right now, it’s no surprise to see King Hassan asserting dominance as the strongest ST Assassin in the game.

Mysterious Heroine X – Not-Artoria is my favourite Artoria of them all! It only took a total of six tierlists, but here we are! Funnily enough though; despite being Artoria, the only thing they really have in common is their design and that they will win all food-eating contests. Aside from that, MHX is a complete satire take on Artoria who comes from the servant universe to kill all Sabers because there are too many. How ironic is it that she’s in the class with the most servants in the game huh. They put her ”lore” well into her gameplay too, as she has a niche against Saber servants, and especially if they have Artoria’s face. Honestly, you’re most likely to just use her for Rider enemies instead as she can dish out massive damage anyway. They literally buffed all of her skills and NP because she was initially just a meme, but she’s actually one of the most damaging Assassins now soo… nice meme!

Scathach – A summer servant so I won’t go too much into detail about her character, which is mostly the same as original Scathach anyway. Apparently she also has the ability to change other servants their classes soo… where is my Xuanzang Ruler, miss Scathach? Of course she is a Quick-based servant since her alt literally saved that meta herself, and she’s mostly okay in her swimsuit. She can buff her crit damage, Quick performance and an extremely low insta-death chance on her NP. Not really to noteworthy, but it’s Scathach so she’s up this high for her character anyway.

Kojiro Sasaki – Regend is one of my favourite servants from Fate/Stay Night together with Cú, and how could he not be?? He was mostly human due to his wonky summon, yet he still managed to defend himself against pretty much every servant. Heck, it was even told that he fended off both Heracles- and Gilgamesh off-screen, and that’s very impressive. That impressiveness continues in-game as well, especially where he got a duel in Shimosa against Musashi. Also, Saber version when DW? In-game he’s a pretty good ST Quick servant with an emphasis on crits. Due to being an early-game servant, he doesn’t have too much unique about his skillset. Still, he’s one of my favourite Assassins to use in the game!

Hassan of the Serenity – Poisonous Yandere is in need of love, but everyone she touches dies from poison. Truly a tragic love story. And then she meets someone who doesn’t die, which makes her go full yandere mode as she finally found someone to love. I really like Serenity; she’s clearly a killer in every sense of the word, but she has this sweet side to her. And she’s good-looking of course, can’t forget about that. I must admit that I don’t use her very often in-game, and that’s mostly due to her niches being insta-death and poison. The insta-death chance can be buffed, but poison will only ever be useful if you can stack several. Though with her entire body basically being poison; a skill strengthening that would allow her to deal poison with normal attacks for a few turns would actually make her so much better. Hire me by the way DW.

Charles-Henri Sanson – Guillotine Boy is one of those servants that are classified as evil and have done terrible deeds in life… but in FGO, he’s just an adorable cinnamon roll. His form of justice is just to kill evil, with evil. It’s an interesting ideology if you think about it. I was also glad to see him return in Salem where he wasn’t bound to Marie, and instead developed really well as a character. I really like using him in-game as well, though it does suck his damage multiplier against enemies with the Evil and Human trait are on separate skills. He also has a niche with insta-death, but the chance is too low to matter. His damage output is still pretty nice though, and I definitely try to bring him along when I’m fighting against evil humans… it just sucks that the only ones with both traits are some Caster mobs. Poor, poor Sanson…

Ryougi Shiki – I’ve already covered Type-Moon’s other poster girl on the Saber list, but the Assassin counterpart is her slightly younger version. I’ve also covered that I’m a heretic who only knows her from Fate/Extra, Melty Blood and of course FGO, but not her original source material. Therefore this entry could vary depending on whenever I do decide to watch the source material, but I do like her character regardless of what I’ve seen so far of her cameo appearances. In-game she’s one of the better welfare servants with one of the more reliable methods of insta-killing. Not only does her NP have a high chance by default, but she can also reduce the resistance of an enemy by a marginal amount. And being a Crit Arts servant also definitely helps, as she can spam that NP pretty consistently with the right set-up. Very good welfare, but unfortunately you can’t get her anymore at the moment. Though I wouldn’t be surprised by either another collab or the main interlude releasing soon.

Okita J Souji – The summer version of Okita, so I won’t talk too much about her personality. It does seem like she’s a bit different, but I can’t speak too much about that since she’s JP exclusive yet. Absolutely love the design on her first two ascensions though, and her voice actress also had a field day. In-game she’s very much a glass cannon however; she’s an excellent star gathering machine and she can dish out some serious damage with them too, but she has demerits literally everywhere. A massive defence down, a defensive buff that gets removed and a self-stun chance on her NP. Even her passives have demerits! I don’t know what drugs they were taking and sure, you can make Okita work, but the effort is just not worth it due to so many demerits.

Kama – You thought there were already enough Sakura faces in the game with all the Alter Ego’s? Guess what, have another! Not only that, but this servant can be a child, a teenager and an adult at the same time! Kama has taken over Sakura’s body and while I don’t know too much about her personality, I do like her looks and what she means in FGO in general. She’s also a very solid ST Quick Assassin in-game, and the only servant in the whole game who can give herself an actual class advantage against Alter Ego servants (not counting Musashi since NP only). She also stole Edison’s niche to give an ally NP overcharge, though hers is weaker by one stage. Very good servant overall with an interesting toolkit.

Yu Miaoyi – Vampire Lady is someone who I’ve tried to avoid looking up story-wise, because she is just a bit more spoilery than the rest. Therefore, my opinions on her are based on her good design, and especially the battle animations and voice actress. On release, she was a very weak and weird-to-use servant. Her stats are very low for a 4* servant, and her NP removes her buffs before activation. This issue has been minimized due to her second skill getting a strengthening during anniversary where the buff removal resistance has been increased to 3 turns. This doesn’t make her amongst the better servants by any means, but she can dish out serious damage with her NP and also has a high base NP gain, so she is definitely more fun to use now.

Mochizuki Chiyome – Snake Ninja is someone that has the potential to end up in Love tier, but I just don’t know that much about her yet. Shimosa is not a good representation of how she is as a character in-game, and she hasn’t spooked me yet. I’ve heard she’s a loveable character though, and I can believe so from her design and voice actress. She does make an appearance in Lostbelt 5 as well, and I can’t wait to learn more about her there. In-game she is pretty good… when not comparing her to the two other 4* ST Arts servants at least. She can seal an enemy’s skills and NP which is nice though, and she does have nice spamming potential due to her high NP gain. She’s not terrible at all, especially if you don’t have other Arts Assassins.

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