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Neutral Tier

FGO Assassin Neutral Tier

(From left to right)

Nitocris – A summer servant so I won’t go into much detail about her personality, especially since it’s very similar to her Caster form. In that list she was in the like tier while she’s in neutral here, and the only reason for that being that I liked her more there compared to other Casters than I like here compared to Assassins. She is very fun to play as as well, being a combination between a Tank and DPS. I do think she’s better at the former due to also having nice defensive buffs for herself, but she can still do nice damage with her Arts AoE. The insta-death chance has been reduced quite significantly though, so don’t rely on it too much.

Semiramis – Queen of Poison is a servant from Fate/Apocrypha that I genuinely did like, but not as much as most of the servants from there. She was very powerful and intimidating, but I don’t really like her character outside of that too much. Love the design however, she scores some points for that. She’s a pretty nice Buster AoE Assassin in the game, with a niche that she can ignore the class disadvantage from Casters. Don’t know why you would bring her in a fight against Casters anyway but eh, it also comes with a nice NP gain buff so it’s just an added bonus. Her main attraction is the whopping Buster resistance down for 3 turns however, which is equivalent to a 50% Buster performance buff for the entire team. It does cost 8 stars to use, but it’s very much worth it.

Wu Zetian – Loli torturer is the dream of lolicons who want to be abused, though I don’t think Wu would be a good candidate for that as she won’t stop at abusing. She does have the smugness though, but it also comes with having zero respect for pretty much anyone. I also personally don’t think the Disgaea artist did a very good job on her design, but opinions on that may very. In-game she’s a very nice balance between a support servant, as well as being able to dish out high damage. Being able to buff Quick effectiveness alongside normal attack power and also decreasing the defence of all enemies is basic, but works very well. And her NP does massive damage and also removes all enemy buffs, so that’s very nice.

Okada Izou – One of FGO’s favourite 3* servants, Izou the Manslayer hales from the world of Guda Guda. Though since he came at the same time as Sakamoto Ryouma, his personality in-game is more serious than a meme. I do like his boastful nature, calling himself the ultimate swordmaster and looking down on others carrying a sword–even though he isn’t a Saber himself. He’s a very solid ST Arts Crit Assassin with a niche against humanoid enemies. All his skills also further improve upon his role, such as a crit star absorption skill. Unfortunately he is one of two limited 3* servants, so the chances to get him are minimal. It’s definitely worth it however!

Ushiwakamaru – A summer servant so I won’t go into detail too much, though she is a bit more relaxed and carefree this time. I must admit that the Summer 3 event made me fall all over for her again, and her animations- and voice actress also do an excellent job at that. She’s a pretty decent AoE Quick Assassin with a pretty nice toolkit where she can focus on removing enemy’s buffs and lower their Quick resistance. That said, she isn’t really too strong so don’t expect to clear harder waves with her without outside help, and even then it’s a gamble. I still really like using her though, and that’s most important to me.

Charlotte Corday – Assassination Angel is someone who I don’t know too much about because of her not being in NA yet, but I like to think that ”Angel” part of her title is real as she looks adorable, has an adorable voice actress and she also seems like a nice person. Then again, she’s an Assassin so that’s what I’ll find out in due time.  I haven’t heard too many people praise her gameplay, but from the outside she looks like a pretty nice ST Arts Assassin to me. Her niche is a similar insta-death as Nitocris, just slightly weaker because she’s a 2* and not a 4*. She can also ignore both evasion and invincibility, and her last skill gives her a massive buff in one of three randomly selected offensive attributes. There’s probably better Assassins out there but I don’t know, I really want to try her out after seeing that skillset to be honest.

Stheno – Rare Prism is the eldest of the Gorgon Sisters. As you might remember, I’ve putten Euryale in the love tier on her respective tierlist, Medusa Lily on Like and OG Medusa on neutral. Stheno surprisingly also hits neutral, though she is on the border of like as well. There are just many others that I like more, and I like Stheno just a bit less than Euryale. They both hate humans and love to toy with them, but Stheno is just a bit more… direct in her expressions- and actions I suppose? I still like her though, no worries about that. I also don’t really like using her that much, and as do many others since a lot of furious emotions arise from people when she spooks. This is because her NP has an insta-death gimmick, but unlike Nitocris and Charlotte, her NP does no damage. She does also charm, remove buffs and reduce defence with the buff but still. I personally mostly use her as a buffer for allies with the Divine trait, because she does a good job at that. Or Charmlock compositions which are also very fun, because she and her sister(s) can basically make sure a male enemy doesn’t attack… ever.

Jing Ke – Drunk Assassin takes every opportunity she gets to drink, party and then stab some emperors. Her first appearance was in the cursed singularity called Septem, though she is looking to have a much bigger role in Lostbelt 3 and I’m definitely looking forward to that. I think she’s just a fun servant overall, and I want to see more of that. She’s a pretty solid servant gameplay-wise as well, with her being an ST Quick Servant with high emphasis on crits- and damage. Her NP does also have the insta-death gimmick with a barely relevant percentage, but it does also have nice damage and it returns free crit stars.

Hassan of the Cursed Arm – Long Arm Man is one of the original servants exclusive to Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel, where he hasn’t gotten a lot of development yet in the first two movies despite making several noteworthy appearances, but the final movie might change that. In FGO however, he actually seems like quite a nice guy that really only murders when he needs to, or when his master asks him to do so. He’s a solid servant as well, being expertised in just dishing out good critical damage and having a strong ST Quick NP. There is another insta-death that does have a decently nice chance, but is still too unreliable to count on. He does have the damage to make up for it though, so even if the enemy doesn’t get insta-killed, he’ll still do massive damage to them.

Mata Hari – The only true servant in FGO originating from my homeland–which of course already gives her bonus points for me. Dancing Assassin is someone who I do like whenever she appears, even though she doesn’t appear very often. She was one of the release servants, and therefore never really got her chance to shine. She does have a role in the Ooku event though, and I’m looking forward to that. I like using her in-game as well, but solely as a debuffer. She has one of the lowest attack stats in the game after all, but surprisingly still higher than Spartacus. Her debuffs are pretty nice though, since she has a defence down on two separate skills, and also on her NP. There’s also a chance to charm them, but unfortunately that chance is very low and therefore inconsistent. Also, we’ve had the Ooku event and re-run, but she still hasn’t gotten her well-deserved animation update. What are you smoking DW?

Osakabehime – NEEThime is someone who I got attached to when I first met her in the Halloween event. I didn’t know too much about her before her English appearance, and her design didn’t appeal too much to me. But being a complete shut-in NEET who really just wants to stay inside and mind her own business all day? I can relate to that. Also kudos to the English localizers for throwing in some NEET language in her dialogue. I haven’t played too much with her yet in-game, though she did very recently spook me so I’ll have that opportunity soon. She used to be a fairly good Quick support that could boost almost everything Crit- and Quick-related, but that wasn’t enough for Okki so she decided to also implement a Buster buff in her NP. She’s definitely one of the better non-Caster supports out there!

Carmilla – Adult Liz ditched her idol self to become a fulltime vampire. Castlevania is one of my favourite gaming franchise out there, so I was already familiar with Carmilla. And even though I love Liz more as a character, Carmilla is historically far more accurate. They’ve also implemented her lore very well into her gameplay, as she is a female killer. Her NP will do massive damage to female servants, and this is a very nice thing to have as there aren’t that many female killers. In the Assassin Class, Jack is pretty much her only rival, and they both fulfil vastly different roles. She was actually one of my very first 4* servants in the game, and I was very happy with her. I still use her pretty frequently, but I do have too many alternatives.

Li Shuwen – Now this! This is the true One Punch Man! We’ve already seen Li Shuwen before in his Lancer form, and his Assassin form isn’t much different–just older- and more experienced. I can’t confirm it 100% since he is still only in JP, but his personality still seems the same and he’s also still looking to fight strong opponents. I don’t know too much about his gameplay but from what I’ve heard, he’s a solid ST Arts Crit Assassin. His NP also has an insta-death gimmick with a high base chance, but it is still an unreliable gimmick. The only problem I see, is that he’s exactly like his Lancer counterpart: most of his skills last 1 turn, making him a burst servant that becomes ”just good” afterwards.

Emiya Kiritsugu – Older Emiya also decided that he’s not edgy enough in his base form. I did like his character in the original Fate/Zero–not only because it was well-written, but because it allowed the differences in ideologies between him and Saber to shine. In the game he… just exists though. In the FGO multiverse he never met Irisviel, therefore there is no relation between them. Yet, he stalks her and the family pretty much everywhere just because there’s something about her he can’t describe. It’s kind of weird in a way, but he’s mostly only an event servant anyway. Yet again, we have a very solid ST Arts Crit Assassin here, with the best part about him that he can ignore all defensive buffs on the enemy. He’s also one of the few servants who can put taunt on another ally, which can be beneficial at times. Also makes him quite evil.

Shuten Douji – Drunk Oni should not be in one party with Jing Ke, otherwise she’ll get completely wasted. Probably not a good idea to bring her near Kintoki either. I’ve got to admit that I am not as big a fan of Shuten as many other people are, but I’m otherwise indifferent about her. I originally dislike how her horns shared the same colour as her body, but I’ve eventually grown to not care about it. In-game she’s a fairly good AoE Arts servants, with a speciality in debuffing enemies with quite a lot of status effects. She’s basically the Malboro from the Final Fantasy franchise; One NP, and a total of 7 (!) debuffs will be placed on all enemies. Oh, and the NP does damage too. And she can buff her own attack + NP damage. Pretty good servant!

Fuuma Kotarou – Naruto jumped out of his anime and decided to become a generic hentai protagonist. Joking aside, Fuuma is an alright guy; I’m just mostly neutral on his character- and design. He never really stood out to me as a character, but he is a helpful guy to the main protagonist so that’s good enough for me. I’ve actually used him quite frequently since Skadi came to NA–not because he’s a good looper, but he can do good damage and also function as a crit star machine. He’s also a nice debuffer, being able to lower all enemies’ attack- and defence. Finally, a targetable evade can never hurt.

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