Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Assassin servants!


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Phantom Tier

FGO Assassin Phantom Tier

Phantom of the Opera – I had to put someone at the bottom, and I’d say Phantom first that criteria. He’s just a real creep, and in that regard not too different from Gilles. He does care a lot for one person, be it a diva or the Master, but I don’t really want to be cared for by him since his actions- and behaviour are just downright creepy. In-game he’s not really mention-worthy either; he’s a weak AoE Arts Assassin with a niche to decrease the debuff resistance on enemies. It can be useful something I guess but eh. They did recently buff him to remove all buffs on a single enemy though, which is pretty nice for a 2* servant that you don’t need to level the skill for.

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