Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Archer servants!


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Arjuna Tier

FGO Archer Arjuna Tier

Arjuna – First we have Arjuna in his own, special tier… at the bottom! I really don’t like Arjuna as a character. Don’t get me wrong; Despite people breaking their phones when he spooks them on archer banners, he is a pretty alright farming servant, just nowhere near the best of his own class. He also has a weird obsession with Arts cards despite not being an Arts Archer. His NP has an instadeath mechanic, but the percentage is far too low for it to ever trigger. Still, he’s not bad. His character on the other hand really is in my opinion. To be fair, most of what I dislike about him is caused due to his myth, where he was so hellbent on killing Karna no matter what. Eventually he did… when Karna was in a weakened state and practically no way to fight back. He is a hero of his myth, but his hatred for Karna constantly pursues and while that makes for good storytelling, it doesn’t mean I like Arjuna.

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  • wingking781

    August 16, 2020

    One of my two favorite classes along with assassins, and I have three grailed archers. Arash got one grail because he’s awesome and deserves it, Atalanta got two, and Fujino needs one more for level 100. She was my favorite character from KnK so I was always going to roll hard for her as soon as her banner came up. Also a fan of Tomoe (I tend to like all the oni characters besides Raikou) and Euryale, and I agree with your writeup on Euryale’s personality; it’s part of what makes her so interesting.

    Arjuna tier…LOL. Never really paid any attention to him myself, because I don’t have him and he’s never interested me either.

    • Nepiki2

      August 16, 2020

      Agreed! When it comes to the Archer class; If there are good servants, they are most of the time really good and stand out amongst their own class. Even though Nobu is my favourite, I have very often considered giving my grails to other members in the Love tier, or even some in the Like tier such as Atalante, Helena and Tomoe. My personal favourite class is the Lancer class, but Archer isn’t far behind!


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