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Imagine a point back in time; 2016 to be exact. The Nintendo Switch had a release date announced, and everyone was cautiously interested due to what came before it. In comes 2017, and that interest turned into high optimism, resulting in it being one of Nintendo’s most successful systems to date. All eyes were on it… so much so, that all currently ongoing Nintendo systems were pretty much ditched right away. The Nintendo Switch wasn’t going to ”replace” the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, but this also isn’t the first time Nintendo said that. Not that the Wii U had that much more life left on its plate, but the Nintendo 3DS was still very much alive, even seeing a final revised model in 2017 being the New Nintendo 2DS XL.

I mention this because games were still being released far beyond 2017–even by Nintendo themselves. But while some games managed just fine, others weren’t as lucky. The (rather unnecessary) 3DS remaster of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story ended up being one of the franchise’s worst-selling games ever. That may or may not have been because, as I said, it was an unnecessary remake, but it’s still freaking Mario we’re talking about here! I don’t even want to know what titles like Etrian Odyssey: Nexus and Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers had to endure during these dark times.

And arguably, most of the late Nintendo 3DS releases would benefit from a remake- or a port to another system. The Alliance Alive was one such fortunate title, which was also released late in the 3DS’ lifespan, but ended up getting a remaster two years later for multiple systems. Not all titles are that lucky though, and I could easily make this a series of articles about games that would really benefit from another chance. But out of all of these titles that I’ve played, I would say there is one title out there that probably got butchered the most by being released so late with little to no hype. And fun fact: it is even a game published by the big N themselves.

The title of this article already gave it away, but I’m talking about none other than Ever Oasis, an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Grezzo. That name may sound familiar to you, as it is an independent Japanese development studio with close relationships to Nintendo. They are responsible for multiple The Legend of Zelda remasters, such as Majora’s Mask 3D and even Link’s Awakening on the Nintendo Switch. Funnily enough, they even helped out with The Alliance Alive, which I mentioned earlier and that has also seen a remaster.

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I’m dedicating an article to Ever Oasis specifically because it is a game I genuinely enjoyed, and that I would like to see more of. I started playing this game somewhere early in 2021, and kept playing it over the course of a few months whenever I was travelling. Only recently did I finally drop it after I felt that I had basically done everything there is to do. I initially also wanted to review it, but then ended up not doing it because it was spread out so much over a year to the point I wouldn’t be completely accurate about my opinions. Regardless, let’s get into why I enjoyed the game in the first place!

Ever Oasis can be easily summed up as a blend between a town management game, and an action RPG. It’s your job to grow a safe oasis for the many residents of the world that are fleeing from their own oasis due to the evil power of chaos. And no, I won’t make the Final Fantasy joke. In return for a place to stay, these seedlings will set up their shop that will bring in the money, and eventually more residents. But these shops need to be stocked, where the action RPG part comes in. It’s not too different from the idea of Monster Hunter, as everything outside of the oasis is basically a wilderness full of monsters to fight and materials to collect.

This combination of genres blends very well with each other for multiple reasons, the first being that both aspects of the game are fairly easy to understand. The town management side basically just comes down to restocking shops and putting up what is appealing to future residents, and all of this is handled through a single menu. You can do the same with maintaining the garden, sending out residents for expeditions to gain more resources, and more. The combat is also easy to understand, with a simple combo system and a weapon effectiveness triangle which makes some weapons more effective against some monsters. I’m probably not giving combat the attention it deserves with just this single line, but it’s overall very solid.

Ever Oasis Dialogue

The other reason that this combination of genres works so well is that they complement each other. The bigger the oasis, the more hitpoints and revives can be used in the RPG segment. More income also means crafting new gear, and more residents mean that you have more characters to play with because yes, every single resident can be played as, complete with different weapons, skills, attributes and more. And of course, the RPG segment complements the town management well as that’s where you’ll get the materials to keep growing your oasis.

What I definitely enjoyed the most about this game is just exploring the world and making my citizens as happy as they can be. While the story unlocks areas over time, they just feel vast and have a lot of caves, giving me the feeling that I have a lot of freedom. The residents of my oasis also often have requests that not only improve their shops, but that also go deeper into their own personal stories. Now, don’t expect any masterpiece writing here; characters basically only have one trait, and one trait alone. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll remember any of them after the game is over, but I still had fun just helping them out. And more so than anything… Ever Oasis is just a highly adorable game.

But… there is also a reason why I wanted to write about why this game, in particular, needs another chance beyond just being overlooked. That’s because a port of this game would actually be pretty realistic. Ever Oasis was developed for the Nintendo 3DS, but I can tell you right now that it didn’t take advantage of literally any of the 3DS’ unique capabilities. In fact, it should have taken advantage of the touchscreen but it didn’t. But while I was thinking about this, I realised that it doesn’t even need a touchscreen for the features I’m about to mention.

Ever Oasis was developed for the Nintendo 3DS, but I can tell you right now that it didn’t take advantage of literally any of the 3DS’ unique capabilities.

So the bottom screen of the 3DS was basically used for the map and menu–both features that don’t really require a second screen. My biggest gripe with it though, was that you could not draw on this map, which is basically what the Nintendo DS- and beyond are perfect systems for. I’m saying this because some parts of the maps are far better than others when it comes to monster- or material spawns, so marking them would have been really beneficial. Sometimes you also need a particular character’s abilities to solve a puzzle, but you aren’t always able to do them right away so marking them would yet again solve my problem. And I was going to say this couldn’t be replicated on the Switch, but then again, just putting markers on the map should honestly do the job.

And that’s why a Nintendo Switch port/remake would genuinely be perfect for this game, as it barely has any features exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. Most of the features used on the bottom screen could easily be put in a menu, with the current quest objective being listed at one corner of the screen, and a small minimap that can be expanded in another corner. I’m not going to undermine the amount of effort it needs to get this from the 3DS over to the Switch, but it’s at least not a case similar to say Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story that actively uses the bottom screen for attacks and rotating the entire system for the giant Bowser battles.

And now that we’re here anyway, I guess I should also go over how I envision a port, remaster, or remake would happen. For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure a remake is out of the question as there isn’t really anything wrong mechanically. If the game were to be improved further, entire ideas would have to be reworked, and I don’t think that’s necessary because the game is good enough as is. So a remaster would be the best way to go, given that those graphics are made to shine even brighter on the Switch without having to worry about framerate issues… hopefully.

Ever Oasis Town

At the same time, I don’t think the main game really needs more content either. It is already a decently long game, and adding more to it would just make it a drag. The only new content I could personally see happen is an extended post-game. More labyrinths or entirely new areas and bosses could definitely work, and are completely optional anyway so it wouldn’t impact that main game. But I eventually got bored in the post-game because I felt there was a lack of a driving force to motivate me to actually become super powerful. One solution would be adding a story to the post-game, but the other might be even more appealing.

Now, this is going to be a complicated topic to discuss, since what I am about to suggest involves multiplayer. The problem here though is, that the game was never designed to incorporate multiplayer elements. Sure, there are three characters to control, but they aren’t custom characters or anything. Limiting the player to just their own protagonist would also limit their advantage against enemies and the amount of skills/benefits they have. But then again, playing as one of the many residents should solve that issue. I am not a game developer; I am merely someone who makes suggestions and watches from the sideline.

But where multiplayer would especially shine is in the labyrinths. These are a set of four dungeons spread throughout the world, where you can make it through for a bunch of high rarity materials and unique bosses to kill. While an interesting concept, the randomness to these dungeons was purely what attributes the next room was going to have, and what monsters would appear–which could be slightly manipulated with what slabs were used to open the labyrinth. If anything, I think labyrinths would probably be the only aspect of the game I would really like to see remade to include actual randomness.

Back to multiplayer. The only issue I see here is the slabs used to manipulate what monsters will appear. But aside from that, these dungeons would genuinely benefit greatly from having multiplayer. The main appeal for them to have multiplayer is that they are challenging, but also surprisingly long. Beating a labyrinth can easily take from 10 minutes up to 30, or probably even beyond. Doing this with friends could not only make this timespan more entertaining, but potentially shorter as well given that controlled characters will almost always be better than AI-controller characters–unless your friends suck of course.

Ever Oasis Overworld

And… well, that’s actually all I had to say for today! To sum it up quickly: Ever Oasis is a really fun combination of managing an oasis full of residents, and going out in the wilderness for materials to develop that oasis even further. My main issues with the game were that it used practically none of the Nintendo 3DS’ unique capabilities, but that coincidentally makes it easier to transfer over to other systems. A remake is out of the question for this game, but a remaster with upgraded features like an editable map and a more meaningful post-game would already make it so much better. Add multiplayer too and you have a game with a second chance at life, and potentially even resulting in a franchise.

Oh, and also! While this article is named ”Give Ever Oasis another chance on the Switch”, the game is technically not Nintendo’s property. It’s basically the same as The Wonderful 101, where it’s an IP developed by Platinum Games, but published by Nintendo. The chances of it leaving a Nintendo console aren’t necessarily that big I’d say but hey, it’s not impossible! I’m not going to set up some silly petition or anything but if you want more Ever Oasis in your life, let it be known on the internet! Who knows what we are able to accomplish?

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I remember the trailers I saw for this game made it look really standard and generic. Your description prompts some interest in me. So heck, I’d be down for a remaster.