All of my socials and relevant places to find me are listed down further below. However, you can use this simple contact form or send an e-mail to my business address [email protected] . Please refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section at the bottom of the page if there is a specific question you have for me that you wanted to ask!


The Nepiki Gaming Community is a social hub I’ve created for everyone to hang out, chill and game with each other without having to worry about anything else. No politics, religions or whatever else, but just gaming and all the other hobbies we enjoy. Not only is it a social place, but you can also benefit from the following features the Discord has:

  • Free once-in-24h self-promotion for content creators (YouTubers, Streamers, Writers etc.)
  • Automatic Gaming and Anime news generating.
  • A game club where we all play and discuss a specific set of games together for a month.
  • Bots that can be used for party games (trivia quizzes etc.)
  • And much more!

Everyone is welcome to come around and just relax! The link to the server:

Nepiki Gaming is a self-hosted website, straight out of my own pocket. Frankly, I enjoy writing so I don’t mind paying for it, and I never expected anything in return anyway as I have purposely disabled advertisements for this website. That said, it is also not exactly a cheap hobby. After much consideration, I have decided to open a Patreon!

Patreon is a website through which people can pledge a donation to me in return for benefits. Think of it as a way to support me further if you so desire. As always, I only encourage doing this if you truly want to support me. What I can ensure, is that not a single cent will go directly into my own pocket. Everything will go into either improving the site, update graphical assets or into Twitch.

Patreon allows for different tiers, starting at only 1 euro and currently going up to 10. For the full list of benefits, please visit

Currently the only Social Media I use is Twitter. Unfortunately I’ve never been the most social person around, but I try my best to communicate through there. This, alongside my e-mail, is the easiest way to reach me and come into contact with me. I try my best to reply to everyone and also share some parts of my life every now and then!

You can follow me over at Twitter through @NepikiGaming.

Question: Who is the character appearing in your banners?
Answer: The mascot of my site is my own original character named Nepiki, a fusion between two characters that I have been using for a while as my internet persona: Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia, and Hibiki from Kantai Collection. All the art appearing in banners have been made possible by the excellent artist ToriVortexStar on DeviantArt, who you can find here. The art used in the banner on the top of the site has been made by AnRaulFazekas on Sketchmod, who you can find here.

Question: Will you make an article about my project/game?
Answer: I’m always up for taking a look at projects/games, though it usually depends on how busy I am and the timespan given to make this article. I recommend sending me an e-mail through the contact form at the top of the page so we can work something out.

Question: Will you publish news on the website?
Answer: I am not well enough up-to-date with news, and my priority lies with other gaming articles. I will retweet whatever news I find on my Twitter and also talk about it on Twitch however, and my Discord server is actively gathering news as well.

Question: Are you planning on hiring people?
Answer: At the moment, no. I prefer working alone.

Question: How does your scoring work at the end of a review?
Answer: My score is the average between two separate scores: One based on fun, and one on the quality of the gameplay/story etc. itself. My scores are highly personal and I want to reflect that with both grades. I don’t really care for graphics- or performance too much, but instead how much fun I have with the game. This means that if a game is horrible quality-wise which results in the lowest grade possible while I have the most fun with it that I could wish for, the end grade will still be a somewhat positive one as a result. With my reviews especially however, I would not take the score itself as an end result and instead the verdict/review as a whole.