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Hey all, welcome back to another… I guess it’s an award? Kind of. Eh, I’ll count it. Today, I’ve been tagged by Jacob from Books and Pixels to share a little bit more about what kind of weird being is behind all the blog posts I make. Without further ado, let’s get into the questions!


Treasure this moment: I don’t often show my face on the internet 😉

1. Why Did You Start Blogging? & Why Have You Kept Blogging?
I really enjoy talking about the games I play with the internet, especially if they’re unknown because that gives me an excuse to recommend new games to people who may enjoy them as well. On the other hand, I also enjoy talking about more well-known games simply for the sake of conversation. If I really loved a game for example, I basically want to delve into every neat little detail with people who have also played the game. I was initially pretty active on forums which… are unfortunately dead now for the most part, and I’ve also tried out Youtube for a bit but I’m too introvert for that. Blogging felt like the obvious other option and here I am! There were some rough bumps on the road that I had to get over which caused me to be on hiatus for over half a year, but I came back stronger than ever and definitely have the intention to keep doing so.

2. What Is Your Favourite Type of Blog Post to Write?
I currently only write reviews so unfortunately that is also the only answer I can give. This does not mean I don’t enjoy doing so of course, as I love writing reviews. I just hope that I’ll be able to find something else do write about as well soon, as I do have plans but just don’t have the opportunity yet. For example, finishing a review and then making a seperate blog post about that game but in a non-review format. Top 5/Top 10 lists come to mind, but I’m looking for something different. But that’s something for later I guess, for now my answer remains reviews!

3. What Are Your Top Three Favourite Blog Posts You Wrote?

  • My review of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc reflects my writing style very well: a review that gives the reader enough information, as well as having a running joke that continued throughout the entire review to sort of giving it the feeling that it’s a Youtube video in text format. I personally feel the joke worked well with the review too!
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero gave me the opportunity to talk about my favourite JRPG franchise out there and spread the love. I really enjoy talking about stuff I enjoy in great detail, and a game such as this one allows me to do so.
  • Picking an oldie from before my hiatus, I really enjoyed writing about Mega Man rom hacks. I also feel it’s a good format as it allows me to talk about more games at once without making an in-depth review, but still giving me the opportunity to recommend them or not. Definitely something I want to revisit in the future!

4. What Are Some of Your Favourite Things to Do to Relax?
This probably won’t come as a surprise but when I want to relax, I game. Pretty much always when I have free time and no responsibilities, I game. Though I do have my moment where I just am not interested in gaming, and that’s when I grab a puzzle or watch/listen to some videos on Youtube.

5. What Are Three of Your Favourite Things?

  • Fantasizing! I know that’s a weird thing to have as a favourite thing, but I really enjoy imagining myself in the world of the games I play, the shows I watch or just completely different settings. Be it the villain, the hero or just a random shopkeeper, there’s always something to fantasize about and I really enjoy doing so. Which actually segues me nicely into the next point:
  • Listening to music and doing nothing else in the meantime. And hey, I can fantasize about being in a game world with boss music right? But yeah, I just find it really relaxing to do overall.
  • For the sake of not bringing up video games again, I do really like broadening my horizons when it comes to craft beer. I’m not a huge fan of regular beer, but I do legitimately enjoy the taste of craft beer and their wide variety of ingredients such as caramel.

6. What Are Your Proudest Blogging Moments?
Most of my proudest blogging moments revolve around the positive comments I’ve gotten from friends or even complete strangers. Most of my friends have at least read one of my reviews and they were always highly positive; I’ve even been compared to the professionals multiple time. Now, this was mostly with my old writing style where I would go more in-depth about the games, but even nowadays I still get a lot of positive comments from friends who just enjoy what I write. Some people even went through the trouble of personally messaging me and it made me so happy. They are after all the reason I came back from my hiatus~. And of course, the amount of positive comments I’ve gotten on here are also amongst my proudest blogging moments!

7. What Are Your Hobbies Outside of Blogging?
I don’t really do a lot outside of gaming. I’m a really boring person I know, but I find all my satisfaction in gaming and talking about them. I used to do boxing as well but my gym kept increasing their monthly fees to the point where it doubled from where I started, and I’m too busy with work anyway. Aside from that I do puzzles every now and then but that’s it.

8. Describe Your Personality in Three Words
Happy, carefree and independent. When my friends don’t call me Neppy, they usually call me something like Smiley because I always have a smile on my face. Of course I do have my moments where I’m down like any other human, but it’s not very noticeable when looking at me. I’m also very carefree and anticipate what life has in stock for me without planning too much in advance. If something goes wrong then well, that sucks, but that’s no reason for it to not go right again later. I’m also very independent in the sense that I don’t need people around me to have a good time. Despite trying my best to be social online and creating my own community, I’m very much an introvert who avoids social contact in general. The pandemic has proven that even more because while many people have desires to go outside and meet people, I’m perfectly fine the way it is now.

9. What Are Your Top Three Pet Peeves?

  • I really hate it when people are talking about something positively, just for someone else to join the conversation and begin talking negatively about it. Even if they are factually correct, people talk positively about something because they enjoyed it themselves and don’t want someone else to ruin their fun. The easiest example here would be when I talk about a game I really enjoyed, just for someone else to tell me it’s trash and I should play {insert game here} instead.
  • People sending me random images or text that’s out of context. It’s not that I hate talking about these things, but if someone just sends me an image out of nowhere that is not part of any ongoing conversation, then I don’t feel the need to reply.
  • Scalpers. They are the bane of my existence, and are often the cause that I’m missing out on a game or have to pay more than what’s it worth. Though they’re not directly harming someone else’s life, I feel they’re amongst the worst human scum on this planet if you ask me.

10. What’s Something Your Followers Don’t Know About You?
That’s a surprisingly tough question to answer actually. I’m very open when it comes to gaming, and I have a very boring life outside of that. Note that I make it boring myself as I just don’t feel like doing that much outside of what I enjoy. I guess I could say I have a Twitch, but I’m on hiatus now so I’m very rarely active on there. I guess I could mention my Backloggery and Completionator accounts? They’re sites I use to archive my playthroughs, as well as keeping a list of all the video games I own. Though I’m not very active on my Backloggery as I’m waiting for the site remake that should come one day, Completionator is something I’ve been using very recently to track my goals and playtime. I’m also looking into creating a How Long to Beat page as Completionator has one fatal flaw for me: it does not show when I’ve beaten a game and when I’ve completed it. For example, a playthrough lasts 40 hours, but the last 10 hours were post-game which means I’ve beaten the game at 30 hours.

Oh, and I have a Forum now! That was a ninja edit but hey, better late than never!

And that’s all! Thanks again to Jacob for giving me the chance to answer the questions of this fun tag. I’m skipping on tagging other people today, but feel free to answer them yourself of course!

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