Sunshine Blogger Award: Super Turbo Edition


Ah, time for some distraction after my endless train of reviews. Don’t worry, that will continue again right after this article so rest while you can, because I have no plans to stop them! Anyway, Sunshine Blogger Award!

Apparently this is the first time I’ve received this award… I think? I might have been nominated in the past but I either didn’t know about it or forgot about it because I ended up throwing a bunch of awards together before I stopped doing them. But I always like to make exceptions for awards such as these because hey, original questions! Ol’ Nep Nep here likes his original questions.

This time, I’ve even been nominated twice by the awesome William from WCRobinson, and George from The Gamer With Glasses! Be sure to check out their great blogs with everything gaming related as well. Thank you both so much for the nominations and without further ado, I’ll be answering questions from the both of them! First up, William’s questions!

William’s Questions

1. Which is your favourite non-technological hobby?
That’s… actually a good question. I’m the most boring person around who would stay inside gaming all day in his gremlin hole if it weren’t for social responsibilities. My other hobby would be puzzling, but I’ve been doing that more in games lately instead of on paper due to convenience. I don’t really have other hobbies that I actively pursue aside from my website of course, so I’m afraid I can’t really give an answer to this.

2. Which game has been your comfort food during the last year? Not necessarily the best game, but effective stress relief.
I have an easy answer to this question: Genshin Impact. This game popped up in the final few months of the year and I was looking forward to it for quite a while. I didn’t really play it on day one because of some stories going around regarding a Chinese kernel but when I eventually started, I just could not stop playing it. It feels so relaxing to explore the world of Teyvat, and now it’s my game that I play every day after work for about an hour just to relax. Must admit that the game is kind of getting stale due to there being no content and no end-game, but I have no plans to drop it anytime soon either.

Genshin Impact

3. If you were a character in a game, which would be your weapon of choice?
Whenever I get the choice of weapons in video games, I usually go for two swords. After all, in the words of the famous Lloyd Irving: ”Double the swords equals double the power”. Joking aside, I hate shields and feel only one sword is too generic. With two swords I can both attack quickly, while also deflecting attacks. Lances are also nice. Double lances? Double lances. Don’t see that happen too often so that makes me hip and stuff! Or what about Double Gunblades? Everything double is fine for me haha!

4. You can only play one game, watch one film, and one TV show for the rest of your life. Which would they be?
I could give an easy answer to the first question, but I’m going to limit myself a bit with that one: No online/multiplayer games and MMOs. I feel these are a bit too easy to give as an answer since they are way bigger than most games and get constant updates. If I went with MMOs though, I’d pick either RuneScape or Guild Wars 2. But I’m going to assume that I was on an aeroplane with my 4K Television in one hand and the game console/my gaming PC in my other, then crashed but survived alone on an island with electricity that I don’t have to pay for.

Picking one game is definitely not an easy answer. I think I can rule out my favourite games because I love them very much, but they’re decently short and not made for immediate replayability. Which leaves me with two answers: GTA: San Andreas and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I love both of these games to bits and could pretty much play them for as long as I want. GTA V is also very good but I feel more towards San Andreas. If I had a gun pointed to my head on this weird abandoned island with electricity, I’d go for GTA: San Andreas.

Films and TV shows are a bit tougher to answer, mostly because my film knowledge is limited and I don’t watch TV shows at all except for anime. I don’t really enjoy sitting still to watch movies for one and a half hour or longer, and most of my enjoyment lies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which would be cheating again because multiple movies. I am afraid that will be my answer until I finally decide to sit down and watch more movies though. I should really start watching The Lord of the Rings already…

Given that I only watch anime when it comes to TV shows, I’m going with… Hmm… Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood probably. It’s my favourite anime of all time and I could watch it over and over again. Honourable mentions go to Assassination Classroom, A Certain Magical Index (even though the novels are vastly superior), Yuru Yuri and my latest addiction, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

5. Is there an avenue of content creation you have not explored you would like to go into (e.g. streaming)?
I would really like to get into podcasting someday. I’ve tried video creating in the past but was not willing to deal with the amount of editing it required that would limit my free time by quite a while, and I’m currently streaming. Podcasting is something I’ve never tried, mostly for the reason that I don’t have anyone to podcast with and I can’t keep a conversation for very long myself. Eventually I might ask one of my best friends to join me but until then, I’ll just keep thinking about it.

6. Do you think there is still a place for stage shows such as E3, or should the gaming industry commit to all-digital reveals?
This is a double-sided coin for me. I highly enjoy watching stage shows, but I don’t really see a problem with them becoming all-digital either since I don’t watch them for the stage shows; I watch them for the reveals. I just very rarely get excited for either anymore because everything gets leaked in advance. Nothing is safe anymore, and I don’t feel like sitting still for half an hour watching announcements that I already know about. So personally, I don’t really mind if they stay as a stage show or become all-digital, but I don’t care for them as long as leaks exist. Unfortunately avoiding these leaks is pretty difficult too, especially when you run a community of gaming enthusiasts like I do.

7. Which Pokémon type would you be?
I would like to say the Ice type, even though they’re one of the more fragile and weaker types which is not something I would like to be. But Ice Pokémon have by far my favourite designs out there (Froslass, Glaceon), and they are always part of my team even if I have to go out of my way for them. And the element of Ice fits my personality the best as well: secluded and quiet. The Steel type would probably be my other option.

8. Pancakes or donuts?
Are you… trying to create a war? Count me in, I enjoy chaos >:). Good question though, but I guess I’m going with pancakes, mostly due to the reason that I haven’t eaten too many different kinds of flavours yet when it comes to donuts. I should probably change that.

9. Is there one particular post-draft you keep meaning to go back to?
I have several drafts that I return to, but that have a lower priority. Most of them are countdowns/lists, where an idea pops up in my mind and then… I forgot what entries I wanted to talk about and left it at a draft. I’m mostly keeping them reserved for whenever I don’t have anything else to write, but that doesn’t happen a lot lately. Maybe I should play an 80-hour RPG again so I can actually make time for them haha!

10. Which is your favourite game you have played this year so far?
Not counting The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past since that’s a replay of one of my favourite games ever, I think… either Yoku’s Island Express and Paperball? Both are absolutely great games that I’m glad I discovered this year, but if I had to choose, I’d probably go with Yoku. I expected Paperball to be good anyway because it’s made by fans who understand the Super Monkey Ball franchise, but Yoku is a whole different experience that I believe has never been done before.

Yoku's Island Express

11. If you could move to a new home anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I have several places I would like to visit and potentially live. Obviously Japan is one of them due to me being a big fan of Japanese games and culture, but the Scandinavian countries would also strongly interest me (Norway, Finland, Sweden). And though this is a very weird choice because well… this country is infamous for many different things both positive and negative, but I would like to see the more rural areas in north-eastern Russia. Don’t know if I would live there since I’ve never been there and I don’t know if it will ever be possible to begin with, but I am highly curious regardless

George’s Questions

1. Favourite video game developer?
This answer would go to the Japanese RPG company Nihon Falcom, famous for the Ys series and The Legend of Heroes. Their dedication to creating games with deep world-building is astonishing, and something that I barely ever see other games being able to replicate. Their gameplay also lives up to high standards, making these games that I could play all the time if I wasn’t so busy with my already big backlog. Unfortunately they’ve gotten a bit more popular in the west which kind of ruined the fanbase I enjoyed chatting in, but that’s reality I guess.

2. Worst Video Game you’ve ever played and why?
I’m going to pick Mega Man X6 for this question even though I’ve arguably played worse games. The problem with this game in particular though, is that it’s a game in one of my more beloved series which makes it hurt even more. The level design was atrocious with multiple dead ends if you didn’t have a particular upgrade, and the nightmare system was very confusing. I’ve only finished two stages before I dropped the game, and have never even tried X7 and X8 which… probably aren’t much better, but it’s still disappointing. The worst part is that, like all games that are bad, the soundtrack is surprisingly good. Why do bad video games always have good soundtracks?!

Jak and Daxter II as well as some random garbage indie games on Steam are honourable mentions, though the latter probably won’t come as a surprise since the Steam store is flooded with absolute garbage.

3. What Video Game series do you want remade?
I’ve tackled this question a few times before pretty much everywhere on the internet because I won’t rest until it happens, but I would really love to see the Quintet trilogy of games getting a remake: SoulBlazer, Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma. Not only are these awesome games, but they’re also still stuck on the SNES with no way to play them elsewhere. And while we’re talking about Square Enix: give Final Fantasy V and VI the remakes they deserve instead of some garbage mobile ports. Stop milking VII and give the other games that are considered some of the best of the franchise a chance already.


4. What is one game you think is underrated?
Is this it? Is this my time again where I am allowed to share the divine light that is Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak? This has become quite a meme in my community where I answer Hamtaro to every (positive) question I get, and I’m not planning to let that meme die out anytime soon. But joking aside though, I do think that Ham-Ham Heartbreak is a genuinely good underrated game that doesn’t get a lot of attention because… it’s Hamtaro. Most people loved Hamtaro in their childhood, but that’s also exactly what it is: their childhood. Still, I love all of the Hamtaro games and yes, I will eventually cover all of them on the blog. Planning to wait with that for just a bit longer though.

5. What is the first Video Game you played?
This is also an answer that many people know about, since it’s Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Also a game I can’t shut up about. My other games were Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Pokémon Yellow; all games that I’ve covered as well except for the latter.

6. Pokémon, Digimon, or Neither?
This answer would go to Pokémon. This is mostly because I have grown up with Pokémon since the very beginning, while Digimon has never been part of my childhood. Even now I just know the basics and that’s it. I don’t dislike Digimon at all, but I’ve just never really gotten into it because it was not as popular over here.

7. What would your dream Video Game Console or PC be like?
I would love it if Sony ever released a console that was backwards compatible with all systems, and all games have achievements and online multiplayer added to them as well. Sony’s weird decisions on backwards compatibility amongst others is one of the reasons I am never planning to buy a console from them ever again. Given that I am an achievement hunter though, being able to play PlayStation 1 and 2 games on a new console with achievements and online support added to them would be a dream. Unfortunately I think that will also stay a dream. The same would go for Nintendo by the way, but they haven’t exactly made it easy with their multiple different formats of game cartridges and even discs.

8. What’s your best Blog Post?
In terms of performance, (unfortunately) the Fate/Grand Order Tierlists are by far my best performing. It’s a popular gacha game after all, and there are a lot of people who care about the meta even though you can just play the game with the free characters no problem. My blog post regarding emulation and piracy also did very well, and is also one of my favourite posts.

As for reviews: I don’t really know what my best performing review is, but my favourite would probably be Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. This was when I started using my new writing style for reviews that I’m still using to this day, and I’m glad this game was the one that started it all because I had a lot to write about. I think it’s also my longest review out of all of them, although a future review is coming very close if not surpassing it. Foreshadowing by the way.

Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light

9. What got you into blogging?
Amnesia! Joking aside, I have a very bad memory so I wanted to write down my opinions on games so I could look back on them myself at a later date. Also,  I’ve always wanted to be a content creator who could just share his opinion on games to possibly introduce people to games they’ve never even heard of. I actually started as a YouTuber, but I stopped that pretty quickly as well because recording- and editing for videos take a very long time, and it sucks even more if you don’t get a lot of recognition in return for it. Writing was my next option as I enjoyed writing the scripts for reviews anyway, and I wanted to become an entertainer through writing instead. I hope I’m able to make people laugh with my (sometimes cringe) jokes!

And that’s all the questions answered! Yet again, thank you both for nominating me, and here are the questions I have:

  1. If your favourite developer could only work on one franchise from now on, what would that franchise be?
  2. If you were a game designer, what genre would you try to make a game for?
  3. What indie game that has a clear inspiration in another franchise would you consider to be better than that one?
  4. What modern game mechanic/trope would you rather see gone from games altogether?
  5. Is there a single-player game you think is made worse thanks to forced multiplayer content?
  6. How much does difficulty matter to you in a story-driven game?
  7. Is there a franchise you think would flourish better under a different developer/publisher?
  8. What game are you looking forward to the most?

And my nominations go to:

  1. Frostilyte
  2. Everything is bad for you
  3. Extra Life
  4. Lost to the Aether
  5. A Reluctant Hero

That’s all for me this time! Lots of good questions that I had fun answering. But now, back to my massive backlog of reviews before they start catching up on me…

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I agree with you on the backwards compatibility. I’d love Sony to go all in on letting us play their entire catalog of games. If not I’d like for the price of ps Now to be lowered.


Thanks for answering the questions! Great answers, I also keep meaning to get into podcasting but it also means finding people who are okay committing to it long-term which is not always easy. Also let the pancake-donut war begin mwahaha!


It’s called the Quintet trilogy? Quintet, but they only made three of them? Hmmm…..

Thanks for the nomination, and those are really thought-provoking questions. I’ll have to give them some mulling over, but I’ll have a post together on them in time.