Nep’s week in gaming: Week 22 of 2020


Hey there, welcome back to Nep’s Weekly update! Last week was yet again skipped simply because nothing interesting happened, and I feel like that will also be the case for future weeks so I might instead make this a monthly update with a few smaller posts in-between. Though something did actually happen this week that I want to mention specifically!

I got a forum now! It’s very much still work in progress and probably won’t be very active for a while either, but I wanted to let you know regardless. I’ve truly been missing the feeling of forums as they were always the places I spent my online time, but most have become irrelevant now that Social Media and Discord exists. This forum was completely free to make and didn’t require galaxy brain knowledge to customize to my liking. And hey, with a workaround I could connect this to my website so that’s neat! Feel free to take a look around!

Oh and also, thought I would bring this up if I haven’t already. I keep forgetting to be honest. Anyway, I have a pretty ridiculous case of Hay Fever and with the weather being as it currently is… I’m suffering to say the least. Eyes feel like they’re bleeding, and my energy is being sucked away at a high pace. Suffice to say, this does also affect my writing as I don’t always have the energy left after a day of work to write. To be honest, I rarely have energy left in general. So yeah, do keep the possibility in mind that posts can appear at a slightly slower pace.

New games
I didn’t buy anything new this week, though I am currently in negotiation with someone on a whole bunch of rare PSP games. It’s not something I’m 100% sure about for now though, the price is nice but the payment option is not a safe one. It’s not that I don’t trust this seller, but I prefer to be safe than sorry. So instead, it’s that time of the month again: Humble Bundle Monthly! There were some nice games this month but yet again, a lot of Strategy and Simulation games; genres I’m not a big fan of.


  • Jurassic World Evolution – One of the simulation games I talked about, but at least it’s Jurassic World themed so I am mildly interested in this one.
  • XCOM 2 – This is a strategy game, but I’m not objected to this one simply because the gameplay and setting are very interesting.
  • Rise of Industry – Strategy-Simulation, moving on. There’s a reason this was one of my last picks.
  • Niche – A Genetics Survival game – Yet again a strategy-simulation game, but at least this one has an interesting theme: creating your own animals.
  • Warhammer 40000: Gladius – STOP IT WITH THE STRATEGY GAMES HUMBLE BUNDLE I SWEAR. But at least Warhammer is a franchise I’m interested in so I’ll let you off the hook this time.
  • Warsaw – While this isn’t a strategy/simulation game, it was still my last pick simply because it didn’t appeal to me. But hey, I might be proven wrong!
  • Heave ho – Looks okay but also seems very co-op based so I wonder if this is a game for me as I don’t have any local friends to play games with and if I do, this probably wouldn’t be the first game.
  • MO:Astray – Finally getting into the stuff I’m interested in even though we’re almost near the end. MO:Astray looks like a fun pixel/gore 2D adventure game with good gameplay.
  • Neoverse – Gives me the feeling of a Chinese mobile game but eh, if it plays well I won’t complain.
  • Horace – I find it funny how this game calls itself “The best platformer of 2019” yet you never hear anyone talk about it. Guess I’ll have to find out for myself if it truly deserves that title hm?

So yeah, there are nice games in here, just not a lot I care about. If the coming months don’t change it up with genres, I might actually cancel Humble Bundle Monthly. There is a very obvious preference for Strategy and Simulation games, and they just aren’t my thing.

What have I been playing

  • Super Mario Bros. 2 – Basically what I’ve spent most of my week on thus far. I’ve been going through all 8-bit Super Mario games since last week, and I’ve already beaten (and reviewded) all versions of the original Super Mario Bros. Obviously my next destination would be Super Mario Bros. 2, which I’ve actually beaten for the first time ever! Review is already in progress~
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 – And obviously after that, Super Mario Bros. 3 enters the ring. I’ve also beaten this one, but work on the review will start after I’ve finished the one for Super Mario Bros. 2. You’ll probably never guess what game I’ll be playing next week~

Nep’s Gaming Paradise community
Here are some blog posts and a video on what happened within the community! Check them out if you’re craving for more!

  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 by Extra Life – Red Metal continues his in-depth analysis on the New Super Mario Bros. franchise with the title that made a lot of people look towards Nintendo with very conflicting feelings. I won’t deny I was one of them.
  • Games for broke people: Helltaker by Everything is bad for you – AK takes a look at a recently released game on Steam called Helltaker! And true to the title of the article, it’s free to download so if you’re interested, check out AK’s post about it!
  • Why I love The Legend of Heroes and why you should give it a try by Lowest Expectations – Thought I would mix it up a bit and recommend a video created by someone in my community not from WordPress! Lowest Expectations gives a small introduction to the The Legend of Heroes series in a mostly-spoiler free video!

And that’s all for this week! Like I said in the intro, I might make this a monthly thing instead simply because I don’t have a lot to talk about at the moment. I’m still sort-of pondering about the idea of introducing a Game Club on my site as I have within my community, but I’m still considering how exactly. But for now, thank you for joining and I’ll see you in a few days with my review of Super Mario Bros. 2!

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Thanks for the mention! Looking forward to the next Mario posts.