Nep’s Month in Gaming: November 2020


We’re almost there… just one more month and we’re leaving this awful year behind. While I had little to complain about for most of the year because not much changed for me, that changed in November. I won’t go into too much drama just yet because both my boss, my colleagues and me have good hopes, but next year I and my team will be working 20% less to reduce costs for the company, with next year being a critical one determining if I can stay or not. Like I said, we’re all optimistic that everything will go well next year, but the reduction in income will be one that I will feel for sure. Though I wasn’t planning to move out next year since the housing market is at its peak right now, my plans are currently postponed even if the housing market suddenly crashed. But oh well, I’m not going to let this bring me down of course. I’ll be sure to use this extra free time conveniently, be it for learning, this site or for…


Twitch overlay sample

Boom, nailed the segue. So yeah, I started streaming again! I was already doing so before I started picking up the site again, but now I’m back to it fulltime. I stopped back then because my internet wasn’t the best, but also because I was lacking confidence in my voice… or confidence in general. I still have trouble with it because I am socially awkward where I have trouble communicating with people who are far more active with talking. But so far, I’d say it has been going well! Since returning, I’ve gained several new followers, friends and just a whole lot more fun. In case you’re interested, my twitch can be found here. As for what games I’m streaming:

  • Every Monday I’m streaming Genshin Impact. After all, I can’t escape this game so I might as well embrace it.
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday, I’m streaming retro games through Retroachievements. I want to go more in-depth on what Retroachievements is exactly, so be sure to come back here in a few days!
  • Every Wednesday and Friday, I’m streaming a Steam or console game. Depends on what’s on my mind, and also what the viewers want to see.
  • Weekends are unscheduled and will mostly be reserved for online games/roguelikes if I have the time.

Twitch streaming should not impact my blog too much. Actually, I hope it does… but for the better. Time for another segue?

How is December looking

I’ve caught up completely with my reviews, which is normally a good thing. Though as it is looking, I don’t have any games left to review right now due to just not having played many games in the past few weeks. Most of November, I was busy making a layout for my Twitch, and the game I’m playing on stream right now is a Pokemon ROM hack. So I guess I will focus a bit less on reviews for December? There’s one article upcoming that has to do with Retroachievements, and after that, we’ll see. I don’t have anything planned for this festive month however; I lack the inspiration to come up with something. Maybe I’ll lurk around a bit and steal see what other bloggers are up to? I do have two weeks off upcoming at the end of December, and 2021 is giving me more free time so I’m going to use this month to prepare for 2021!

Humble Bundle Partner


This probably isn’t anything too special since everyone and their grandmother can sign up for this I think? Anyhow, I figured it was a good time to sign up for a Humble Bundle partnership since I review a lot of Steam games. This doesn’t really change- or add something to the reviews, but there will be a referral link to the game of the review at the bottom of each post. This is how it works in general terms:

  1. Search for a game or bundle
  2. Paste “?partner=nepiki” behind the link
  3. This is how your link should look:
  4. You get a game, I get… mad cash?

Of course, I should state that this is completely your own decision, as well as all the other donation links I have on my site. I like money, everyone likes money, but I am not in financial trouble or even close to getting there. This site is being paid through my own pocket money, and I have no issue with it since I enjoy writing. Prioritize yourself- and others first but if you want to, the option is there. Of course, all money that I earn through Ko-fi, Humble Bundle and Twitch will go directly to improving my site, my Twitch or anything related.

Posts in the community

I haven’t really written that much this month, and I unfortunately didn’t also read that much this month. What did I even do this month? Anyhow, here are a few I did read and that I hope you will enjoy as well!

Exp Share #1: How it started by Tales from the Backlog – I unfortunately couldn’t find the time to do so (and I also couldn’t remember much outside of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest), but I’d like to take this opportunity to promote DanamesX’s new project: Exp Share! This actually started last month, but I didn’t do an update back then. Many people in the blogging community have shared how they got into gaming this past month, so definitely check it out if you’re interested! Hopefully I can find the time to join later as well.

It’s time to admit Final Fantasy XIII wasn’t actually that bad by Moegamer – Originally posted on USgamer, Pete republished his article he made back in 2014 at a time where the distaste towards Final Fantasy XIII was very noticeable in the industry. Lightning was a terrible character, the game was completely linear and played itself were some of the main complaints. But looking at it more closely, there’s quite a lot more that the games did right than wrong, and it definitely was refreshing reading this article.

US copyright law needs to be reformed, feat liru by Everything is bad for you – AK has provided us with an especially interesting article to read, because who better to talk about the topic of US copyright law than an actual licensed attorney? A friend of mine is actually a big fan of Liru, but I never knew the complete history behind her aside from her original creation, so it was fun to learn more about this in general. As for my opinion regarding copyright… that’s something I may or may not come back to some day, as I can’t give a definitive answer on it right now.

GameBlast21: The next challenge by Later Levels – Since I am streaming now more often, I’ve also decided to check out what other bloggers are up to on the internet! Kim and Pete from Later Levels occasionally stream, and we can make them stream even more often! The uk-based charity event GameBlast is happening again in February of 2021, and all the details can be found in this- and future posts, as well as donation goals! There’s an especially interesting one regarding a particular yellow-coloured mascot from a popular nintendo franchise, so be sure to check it out!

And that’s all from me! I already mentioned it before, but my plans for December are not very clear at the moment, so I’ll just try to surprise you all I guess! For updates regarding streaming and blogging, be sure to follow my twitter- or discord where I’m still mostly active!

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A gamer and writer at heart who wants to combine his hobbies into one. I am 25 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. Having played many games over the years, I wanted to express my love for them, however obscure they may be!

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Thank you so much for the mention! I’m following on Twitch and have the notifications set, so I’ll stop by to chat whenever work isn’t getting in the way. 😀


Hey Nep, just wanted to say thanks for the link! I also get being nervous about talking on stream — streaming is something I’ve never even tried, but I imagine it can be awkward at first. I hate hearing my own voice, anyway, so maybe that’s why I feel that way.