Nep’s Month in Gaming: January 2021


Welcome to the first news update of 2021! …Or should I say 2020 part 2, since it feels like almost nothing has changed. The world is still bricks and let’s not even talk about all the… events that have happened these past few weeks that made my brain go mush. Or the first two weeks of this year basically wasted of me being sick in bed, but oh well. Since then I’ve gotten and it has been a… rather normal month. Just work, game, sleep and repeat. Must say that something is in progress at work which, if it happens (which is very likely), that will give me a bit more insurance that I can stay here. Would be nice! Anyhow, let’s get straight into what happened this month because we got quite a lot to talk about!

I’m an uncle!

This actually happened late December, but due to current world events and me being sick, I was unable to visit my newly born nephew. After all, we wouldn’t want to risk both the baby and the parents getting sick because it was still not confirmed that I had the current world event sickness. But yes, finally! My parents have wanted to become grandparents for the longest of time, but unfortunately it wasn’t an easy ordeal. My eldest brother and his wife unfortunately are not able to get children, and my second-eldest brother’s wife didn’t want children–although they are now divorced so that’s still a possibility eventually. But leave it to my final brother to do the job for us! I’m really happy to finally be an uncle, and I will definitely spend time with him once we can leave current world events behind us. Hopefully I can turn him into a retro gamer as well haha!

Twitch Affiliate


Oh yeah, this happened at the beginning of the month! I was already good on my way to become a Twitch affiliate, but I just needed a slight push. I figured that I would ask my own community and friends if they could help me a bit with the average viewer count and they absolutely crushed it, making me become affiliate literally the day after I asked due to the huge amount of viewers. I love my community, thank you so much <3.

The streams on Twitch have been going strong. I’ve been streaming every weekday with the exception of a few, and I have a fun variety as well, switching between retro games and modern (indie) games constantly. I’m also enjoying it quite a lot, so I will continue doing this for as long as I can. Might have to take it a bit slower with the games though, since I have more games beaten now than I can review! But don’t worry, they will all come eventually!

Nepiki Commissions

I haven’t bought any games and Humble Bundle Monthly is, yet again, not good. So what does that leave me with… oh, I know!


So by now you probably all know the story behind Nepiki, and how she was created as an original character. I also have a tendency to commission quite a lot. The first is an emote for both my Twitch and Discord server as a way of showing gratitude for everyone who has been helping me out. I’m definitely commissioning more emotes in the future (even if Twitch doesn’t work out), but this was something I simply could not skip out on. The art was made by mbteddygram on Fiverr.


The second commission has a bit of history behind it. I was looking for Hyperdimension Neptunia artists in the past since, after all, that’s what Nepiki is partially based on. I came across LKuma (beware, link may have NSFW art) on Twitter and I just had to message her. She is pretty popular though, so the commissions were already filled up. I wasn’t in a hurry though, so I asked to be placed on a waitlist with a lower priority. Unexpectedly, I got a message just a few weeks ago asking if I still wanted to commission her! Of course I wanted to, and that leads to this breathtaking result. I was honestly stunned by how beautiful this piece of art has become. What all started as an idea last year to create an original character has now turned into this. This piece of art is for personal usage, so don’t expect to see it being used on the site, but I still wanted to share it with you all!

Posts on my website

Due to me being sick early January, there weren’t that many posts this month. However, I am quite proud of the ones that I did publish!

We started off this month with a ROM hack showcase of Pokémon Glazed. This was one of the first games that I’ve streamed on Twitch (not counting the almighty unbeatable titan Genshin Impact), and I really wanted to revive my ROM hack/Fangames showcases again. It worked pretty well and I will definitely make more articles in the future whenever I play more ROM hacks or fangames. Some people really want me to play through the recent fangame Rayman Retribution so maybe sooner than later?

This was quickly followed up by two reviews: Road Redemption and Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds. Games that, surprisingly, had issues with replayability in games that want you to replay them. That was totally not intentional by the way, but it just ended up like that.

I ended this month with a review of Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. I am pretty proud of this review, as it (hopefully) marks the dawn of a new era: even more humour in reviews! I did my best to make as many jokes or funny comments on the game, while not taking away from the informational aspect or extend the review. I’m already working on the next reviews where it may be even more prevalent, so I’m pretty excited I guess!

That’s all for this month, but I also wanted to come back on something I mentioned during my article for expectations of 2021. I mentioned how I wanted to make guides for my website and… still haven’t really figured out how to. I don’t want to make guides that already exist somewhere on the internet, so that’s out of the question. I have been making achievement guides for RetroAchievements however… I’m already at 4 guides. Maybe I’ll do that as a side project whenever I’m not writing on here or something, I do genuinely enjoy writing them but they don’t have a place on this blog.

Posts in the community

Enough about me, let’s talk about what other people have written!

Playstation Trophy Hunting: Why I started hunting trophies by A Reluctant Hero – Trophy and achievement hunting is something very close to my heart. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment, even if it’s just the equivalent of a sticker. But that always makes me interested to see how other people look at this aspect of gaming, and Thero’s story on it is definitely a worthwhile read!

5 Genres Supergiant Games could tackle next by WCRobinson – It would be an understatement to say that Supergiant Games have been quite successful in the past few years. Every game of theirs has been met with high praises, especially their latest hit Hades. And the best part is that each game is much different from the other, which posed the question to William: what’s next? I couldn’t think of anything right from the start aside from a Metroidvania in their isometric artstyle, but the article has a lot more interesting ideas!

Gushing about Bastion by Lost to the Aether – Since we’re talking about Supergiant Games, then it’s only appropriate that we talk about their first game: Bastion! I love seeing people just go all out for games that are dear to them, and that was definitely the case seeing Aether talk about this game. It definitely makes me want to pick the game up again as I’ve played it, but never finished it. Should probably get to that since I’m way behind now!

Seven things that remind me of my childhood by Everything is bad for you – Nostalgia is a powerful tool–sometimes even too powerful. But a tool doesn’t have to be bad fortunately, as I personally love reading about what other people are nostalgic for. I don’t feel nostalgic to the classic Sonic games for example as we grew up with an SNES, but it’s great seeing AK’s history with the franchise and how close they still are to him.

My Favourite Games of 2020 by Frostilyte and 11 Best Games I Played During 2020 by Gamergal.exe – One of my favourite things about new year is, ironically, looking at people their favourite games of the past year. I never really do these as I review all my games so you could technically just grab all my reviews and sort them from highest score to lowest, so I’ll leave the honour to other people. And it also gives me some information about games that I haven’t played yet, or even heard of!

That’s all for this month! It’s a longer post than usual for sure but surprisingly, a lot happened in this rather uneventful month. Huh.

Next month is… probably going to be big? I am working on more articles than I can publish right now (and maybe I should finish them too) to the point that I already have 5 banners ready for them. So if all goes well, I guess you can expect a lot from me this month? We’ll see, we’ll see~

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A gamer and writer at heart who wants to combine his hobbies into one. I am 25 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. Having played many games over the years, I wanted to express my love for them, however obscure they may be!

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You’re welcome!


Congratulations on becoming an Uncle! Also, thanks for the mention, really appreciate it 🙂


Congrats on becoming both an uncle and a Twitch Affiliate! Sounds like it’s been an eventful month for you despite spending half of it in bed, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Thank you for the shout out! ?


Thanks for posting my link! And congratulations on becoming an affiliate. Nice art as well. I hear getting good commissions can be hard.


Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

Congrats on the twitch stuff and becoming an uncle. Also, holy moly. That art. Very nice.


Congrats on Unclehood! And thanks for posting a link! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

And I don’t know, even if you were sick, four posts in a month while also streaming almost every day sounds like a really solid content creation schedule.