Nepiki Gaming 2.0 is here! Update + Roadmap


Ugh, how long has it been? I am so glad to be back though. Hey all, welcome back to the new and improved Nepiki Gaming website!

As mentioned a few weeks ago, I was moving my domain from to become self-hosted. Essentially, I was tired of overpaying while being stuck with limited creativity, and my plan was ending very soon so I had to make a decision now. Admittedly I thought all would go well and then… disaster struck.

To be honest though, the initial export wasn’t that bad and is merely just me overexaggerating. The move went pretty smoothly, and almost everything carried over without too much issue. It was mostly myself being unsatisfied that ended up being the problem, as I didn’t like the theme I was stuck with. So I figured that if I would also get a new theme, I would have to do it now rather than later.

This was probably a rash decision, but I was browsing for game review site themes and stumbled upon this one called GoodGame. It was specifically designed for reviewers, while also having Twitch integration. It wasn’t free, but I figured that I saved money on becoming self-hosted so I bit the bullet and went for it. I am satisfied with this theme, but my inexperience resulted in quite the disaster.

First of, I figured I would import the demo since that has a prebuilt home page alongside some other pages. What I didn’t realise however, is that it would also create dummy posts. This resulted in a large amount of e-mails being sent out to mail subscribers and if this affected you… I am genuinely so sorry, it was not my intention.

This was quite demotivating, because my expectations would be to get the exact same as the demo but I had to actually do quite a lot of work myself. Expectations vs. reality, you know how it goes, and I only got myself to blame for that. So I left that alone for a bit and moved on to upgrading my previous posts. What I didn’t know, was that this theme has a specific plug-in called WPBakery, and that the option was toggled on to be the default editor for posts. This… son of a {insert Pegi-18 word here} plugin was absolutely garbage and literally broke my posts. Eventually I learned that I could just toggle it off fortunately, but that led me to being forced to work with *gulp* Gutenberg.

I don’t actually dislike Gutenberg anymore but boy, I’ve had so much issues learning how to work with this editor. Blocks would disappear, classic posts wouldn’t get converted to the gutenberg editor and it was extremely slow on my end as well. But fortunately, it all worked out in the end.

Anyhow, let’s put all of the disasters aside for now and talk about what we actually came here for. So now every relevant article has been upgraded and I am super happy about the result. There’s a score displayed on the home page as well as on the other pages, I have my own verdict template so that I don’t have to go work in photoshop anymore and every review has their own sidebar with their relevant information. Suffice to say, I’m slowly getting closer to the ideal I had in mind when I started my own blog. But even though everything is functional now, I’m still far from done and that’s what I came here for.

The Roadmap

So my uttermost first priority right now is… to write. That’s anti-climatic. But yeah, I am like, 5 reviews behind right now so I really want to play catch-up first. I want to try and avoid missing stuff that I like or disliked about a game because it’s been a while since I played them, so that’s my first priority. But what’s next?


So one of my first priorities right now is to make every page as beautiful as they can be. Though the home page works perfectly fine now, I would still like to customize it a bit more. The same goes for every platform page, as I would like to have a filter on each of them for easy searchability.

Contact + FAQ page

I wanted to mention this one seperately as this page needs to be more than a simple page. I want to post all of my contact information here so readers, developers and whoever you can think of can reach me easily, but also post my socials in a fancy way. I have removed the ”support the site” part from my reviews and instead want to put everything there.

I am also considering setting up a Patreon instead of Ko-Fi, but that’s not something I’m sure about yet. I say this mostly because I am still not confident enough in sticking to a schedule so people get what they pay for. More on that later I suppose.

Nepiki Fanart page

Kind of speaks for itself, but a page where I will post all of my Nepiki commissions or fanart I receive from fans. I would like to have them all on one gallery page!


There are a few issues that I still have, and also other parts that I would like to take care off. For example, I have a banner at the top of the site but I merely put that there to test it out. I will design a new banner in due time.

Other issues revolve around CSS and how some hover buttons go completely white, or some text being unreadable. I need to dive deeper into this, which also brings me to:

Comments, likes… user profiles?

So yeah, all likes on posts have disappeared after the export. I didn’t know this would happen, but it’s not the biggest of issues. What’s more frustrating to me however, is that comments did carry over but the profile pictures are just… gone. I’m confident this is an issue somewhere related to my theme, as I also have issues with setting up a site logo to begin with. It just keeps disappearing for literally no reason.

This actually started happening after I installed the theme, which came with two very special plug-ins: one for the creation of user profiles, and forum software. Now, this is something I’m heavily pondering about, as I do still want my friends from WordPress to be able to comment on all my posts. I don’t want to suddenly ditch the WordPress community I’ve been in for a few years now after all. This is a bit lower priority right now as I need to do a bit more research.

User reviews?

This is merely an idea so far, but also something I think I should be able to do. When I started my site, I wanted people to be able to make their own reviews on games that I have reviews myself. This is in the idea bin for now though, as it is not a priority to get working straight away.

Archived posts

The archived posts are still present on my site, but I am not actively showing them anymore. This is because the more I look back on them, the less happy I get. Though I also don’t want to remove them as they will always be a reminder on how much I have improved over the years. But what am I going to do with them then?

Well, I guess I’ll be re-reviewing them… some day. They are definitely lower on the priority list except for probably some shorter games, but I want to give them the treatment that I give my other reviews right now.

General functionality improvements

Now that I’m the puppeteer of this site completely, I can also start working on some technical improvements. This is also something I’ll be doing over time so it won’t come at the cost of my writing.

So yeah, that’s actually most of what I had to share for now. I had a bigger road map actually, but I already did a lot of stuff like new permalinks and the twitch page. Anyhow, I am slowly getting closer to my ideal of not just being a blog, but a social hub. While restoring my writing schedule is definitely the biggest priority right now for me, I will still occasionally work on the site as well. Probably every weekend or so.

And that’s all I had to say really! Pretty short update post, but I’m pretty satisfied with the end result. Yet again, I am sorry for everyone who got impacted by some of my changes such as the many e-mails that went out, but I promise the site will return to the old schedule pretty soon. Look forward to it!

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A gamer and writer at heart who wants to combine his hobbies into one. I am 25 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. Having played many games over the years, I wanted to express my love for them, however obscure they may be!

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I love it! This is so cool, small details on the site. Great to see you back!!


It looks really awesome! There were a ton of little issues I wasn’t expecting with my move too, so you’re definitely not alone there. Plug-ins can certainly be a double edged sword sometimes…
Keep up the great work!


I quite like the theme here. I’m a fan of the light text on dark backgrounds look, makes for less eyestrain reading through text.