Nepdate May 2021: Patreon, #MonthOfSonic and more!


Haha, see what I did there? Nepdate instead of update? …Please praise me

Hey all, welcome back to a sort-of monthly update. It’s been a while since I’ve done these and… I probably won’t be doing these every month unless I actually have something relevant to share. But since it has been some time and also because I have quite some plans to share, I figured it was about time!

So last time I shared the roadmap I was working on and I’ve done… some things of it. I’ve mostly been working on the back-end of the website, and also had to endure a dying PC that fortunately survived (but for how long?) as well as other stuff that took a lot of my time. Anyhow, I’m satisfied with where I am now and will slowly work on the roadmap as time goes by.

Since then, I’ve also been updating the (tier)lists to a universal format so I can easily reuse them for future topics. For whatever reason that I still do not understand, the Fate/Grand Order tier lists are by far my most viewed articles on the site. I guess a lot of people care about meta after all… even though my tier lists have nothing to do with meta. Granted, I still want to welcome every single person who visits my site, so I feel it’s only right to make them as easily navigatable as possible. At this point, I haven’t really decided what to do with the Playthroughs category yet, but we’ll see in due time. Anyhow, on to the actual updates!


Patreon link:

On multiple occasions in the past, I have shared interested in a Patreon but did not feel like both my quality and the rewards I could offer were up to standards. After a lot of thinking now that I’m also on Twitch, I now feel like I can provide the people who want to support me with what they deserve.

I have always stated that money is a no-factor to me, and that I enjoy doing what I want to do without a desire to get paid for it. That still stands, as I love writing and streaming on Twitch. For that reason, I also disabled ads on my website. However, WordPress is by no means free. Shocking, I know. Regardless, I still have no issue paying for this myself, and I encourage you not to be tempted by my Patreon and instead spend money on yourself or on charity. However, the option is there for the people who so desire.

I have a total of three tiers on Patreon:

  • Knight of Nepikinium ($1/mo) – Access to a VIP-exclusive chat on discord with daily progress update as well as a chat. In case you are not on Discord, there’s a weekly newsletter on Patreon.
  • Paladin of Nepikinium ($5/mo) – Same benefits, while also getting access to a voting channel for what games I’ll be streaming and reviewing next, and a special shout-out on the homepage and Twitch. Twitch Subscribers also have these benefits.
  • Hero of Nepikinium ($10/mo) – Same benefits as above, while also having access to the suggestion channel where you may decide one topic for me to write about (with some restrictions), which refreshes after I have covered the topic. The special shout-out is extended with links to your socials or anything else you desire.

Yet again, I would like to enforce that nothing here is changing thanks to Patreon. This merely exists so that people who want to support me have the ability to do so. Speaking off…


Twitch link:

Twitch has still been going strong–as long as my PC doesn’t die lol. I’m really enjoying streaming and will continue to do so. However, there’s a goal that I want to accomplish, and that I wanted to share as well.

So, Hololive. Really popular, and has helped many people in those dark times of the pandemic. I won’t deny that I have fallen into the rabbit hole myself as well, following everything that my one true oni Nakiri Ayame is doing. And that kind of sparked an idea in my head: I want to be a V-Tuber too.

V-Tuber models cost a lot of money to commissions and yet again, money is not an issue for something that I enjoy doing so I have no problem funding that myself. The problem is… I don’t feel like it’s worth doing yet. I currently have 71 followers on Twitch, with maybe 1-2 viewers per stream if I’m lucky. As much as I want to create a V-Tuber model, it simply isn’t worth it for these numbers, as much as I love everyone who does watch. So, I’ve set a goal.

The current goal is to hit 150 followers on Twitch. Once I hit that amount, I feel more confident in actually commissioning a model because then I feel people actually want to watch me. Not that I don’t have that feeling now as I still genuinely appreciate everyone who is watching me, but it’s hard to entertain when nobody is talking. Didn’t want this to sound depressive, sorry if it did! But yeah, this goal will stand and I’m not in a hurry to get it but if there are people who want to help me reach that goal by following- or sharing, it is greatly appreciated!


30 game challenge sonic final

So I’m actually way too late with this as I suck at preparing celebrations and anniversaries but hey, Sonic the Hedgehog turns 30 next month! Sonic is my favourite gaming franchise out there, even though I believe I haven’t made that clear enough yet. So I want to do… something. Yet again, I’m way too late so don’t expect too much from this.

On Social Media, I’ll be having a ”30-day Sonic challenge”, with a new question every day that I and others can answer. I will also be sharing some interesting facts and other things every now and then. This is because I want to stray away from using Social Media solely as an advertising platform and nothing more, so this is an encouragement for myself to be a bit more active.

On Twitch, I’m planning to play Sonic games for pretty much the entire month. I haven’t really decided on what games yet though, as I am not in the mood for the Genesis games for whatever reason that I can’t describe. More on that later. I’m planning to do this for an entire month, but Genshin Impact also has some updates soo…. we’ll see. Yet again, terrible preparation.

And of course, all games played on Twitch will see a review here. However, #MonthOfSonic will start a week later on here because I still have four articles waiting to be published. I’ll probably postpone about two of them though but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll make some other Sonic articles too but I haven’t decided on that yet.

I’ve learned my lesson from attempting Mega May two years ago so if this ends up tiring me out or I just don’t feel like it anymore, I’ll stop early. Mega May was one of the direct results of an almost year-long hiatus, and I don’t want to see a repeat of that.

Blog posts in the community

Since it’s been a while, it’s about time I give a shout-out to some blog posts I enjoyed reading over the past month!

Blog Post Ideas: Video Games, Technology & More! by LeeksPlays – Coming up with an original idea to write is not an easy thing to do. Take it from me, who mostly sticks to reviews and only sometimes branches out to new articles when I have the creativity. Krista from LeeksPlays came to the same conclusion, and prepared a list of topics for anyone to use. I’ll definitely have a look at these as well!

A Review of Blend S by Everything is bad for you – Smile! Sweet! Sister! Sadistic! Surprise! Service! …Surprisingly fun anime! Okay, that was a stupid joke. Blend S became a meme on the internet due to its anime opening, which definitely helped in its popularity as I watched it and enjoyed it. I’m not an anime reviewer though, so I’ll leave that to AK who describes the anime and its demographic way better than I can. Also, Hideri best girl.

What I would like to see in PlayStation’s Future by The Gamer With Glasses – It only feels so recent that Sony made the decision to close down the PS3, PSP and PS Vita stores which they fortunately canceled. But that is just one of many arguably dumb decisions made by Sony, and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. George from The Gamer With Glasses lists some of the things he would like to see Sony improve upon, of which I can definitely relate to most.

Improving Yakuza’s Lacking RPG Elements by Frostilyte – When the series director of Yakuza announced that the future of the franchise would be solely RPGs with Judgement taking on the old gameplay, the decision got a mostly positive but still mixed reception. Yakuza: Like a Dragon was one of the more highly-praised RPGs of 2020, but it still had some definite flaws that need to be taken into account for the next game. Frostilyte covers some of the issues the game has in terms of RPG elements!

My 5 Favourite Video Game Characters by WCRobinson – I really enjoy reading lists that other people make, especially about their favourite elements of video games–in this case, favourite video game characters. William from WCRobinson shares 5 of his favourites, and one entry was a genuine surprise to me as its also one of my favourites! Who that character is, well… find out yourself!

Commander Keen in Invasion of the Vorticons – Episode One: Marooned on Mars by Extra Life – Red Metal from Extra Life takes a look at the first Commander Keen game, an impressive accomplishment for the time, while also covering the history of the gaming giants behind this series, John Romero and John Carmack. I have never played a Commander Keen game due to it being a part of history before my own, but it was definitely an interesting read!

And that’s all I have to say for today! Now the my PC issues are mostly non-existant and my website is mostly done, I’m glad to be back to writing again. I definitely have a backlog of games to cover, but I also have a lot in progress right now so I’m excited for next month for sure!

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