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Hello! Been a while since I did one of those posts now innit?

So before I start, I do want to say that this is legitimately an important update that applies to everyone reading the Nepiki Gaming blog. However, let me put you at ease right away that no, neither I nor the Nepiki Gaming blog are going away. I’m staying, and so are my articles. But let’s not dance around the topic and actually talk about what’s going on.

As you may know, I have a constant desire to improve my blog and writing. Whether this is a good or bad thing well, I guess it’s both. While I am actually completely fine with where I am now and had no desire to change up anything, I was left with an important decision as my WordPress Premium would renew very soon. It’s not the money that’s a problem as I’ll gladly keep doing this as it’s something that I enjoy doing, but moments like these always make me think about how I want to continue. So I went out to do some research which brings us to the topic of today. Also um, why did I have Premium again…?, great service even though they sometimes make bollock decisions. It’s an easy service to use and anyone can start their blog whenever they want. Everything that has happened to the site at this point has all been done through my own knowledge. However, is also very limiting unless you shove over some extra cash. In my research, I learned that is the same but at the same time not, which is… extremely confusing. Why did they do this again?

TL;DR: hosts your site, while does not. This means that I would have to become self-hosted, but this comes with a range variety of benefits. Not only do I pay less for an entire year to basically have the same setup, but I also get access to plug-ins, more themes and a large variety of other benefits. My creativity which is currently limited would be able to reach its full potential by becoming self-hosted. The important update here however, is that it may potentially come at a cost.

For this project, I am highly unfamiliar with how transferring everything works, though the process seems to be very easy. What I am slightly unsure about at this point, is if everything subscriber-wise would transfer over perfectly. My posts should still appear in the WordPress reader and my subscribers can be transferred over, though I am unsure if the same happens with mail subscribers. That’s why I wanted to make this post to alert everyone about this change, and that you potentially have to take care of some stuff after the transfer to make sure you still get notifications whenever an article goes live. I don’t think it will become an issue, but I wanted to point it out regardless.

Depending on how well the transfer goes (theme, images), my upload schedule will also resume like normal. has the same theme that I’ve been using on here, but you never know what may happen. This is yet again just a precaution that if things go south, the upload schedule might suffer a bit from it.

After the transfer, the site will gradually upgrade when it comes to plug-ins, designs and all that, but I am not in a hurry because the site looks fine as it is. The plans that are the priority right now would be to update the contact page with more links and to make it look fancier, and to hopefully replace the images used for game details/verdicts with a plug-in to make life easier for myself.

Short post for today but that’s all I had to share now. Progress on the transfer will start this weekend. I am not expecting any downtime, but keep in mind that it is possible depending on how good- or bad the transfer goes. Yet again, I would like to thank you all for the great support thus far, and I will continue to improve to become the best like no one ever was live up to your expectations!

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A gamer and writer at heart who wants to combine his hobbies into one. I am 25 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. Having played many games over the years, I wanted to express my love for them, however obscure they may be!

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I did the whole .org move last year… it wasn’t too bad but I definitely ran into some annoying hiccups with the process. Hope it all works out! If anything breaks feel free to reach out. I might not be able to help but I’ll try, haha.


Good luck with that! I’ve heard some parts of transfering things over, like bringing the archives, are a bit unintuitive, but you’ve got a lot of good content here, and I hope it goes well in getting it all to the new hosting intact.


Hope it all goes smoothly! I am considering moving over to it too, in order for the plug-ins to be available…