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Hello there and welcome back to… still not a review. This joke is not getting old yet so I’ll milk it as much as I can okay. Anyway, I’m back again with another award, this time by the Gaming Omnivore! I’ve been very busy with work lately to the point I work 7 days a week, so this award actually came at a very convenient time! Need something to fill the gap after all when I can barely game. Without further ado, let’s get into the award!

1. Say thanks to the blogger who nominated you and link back to that personโ€™s blog
A massive thank you to the Gaming Omnivore! We’ve met pretty recently, but I’ve already been having a joy reading his articles. All of them are gaming related, from first impressions to lists and of course, reviews. What I especially enjoy reading are the weekly updates on everything gaming related that he’s done in that past week. Speaking of, I may or may not do something similar on this blog as well, but I’ll keep you all informed on that. Back on topic: I definitely have some catching up to do, but I’ll gladly read through some of the older articles! Definitely a worthwhile read, and something I definitely recommend.

2. Give the story or history of your blog
I’ve been writing for quite a while now, but never on my own blog. There are multiple reasons behind my interest in writing, but the idea to kick it off was simply to give more attention to smaller games that many people might not have heard of. I’ve tried to do this multiple times in different formats–including Youtube and Twitch–but I’m not confident enough in myself, thus I also stopped multiple times. That, and making videos costs way more time- and effort for me; effort that I could use better to actually play the games. When I tried writing I got a lot of positive feedback from friends, mentioning that they highly enjoyed reading them because of my own writing style. If that still applies to my current writing style not sure, I’ll leave that up for you to decide. This was encouraging for me however, as I enjoyed writing a lot and I could make my initial dream come true. My idea at first was actually way bigger than it currently is, including a forum and a fan section where people could publish their reviews on my site. Maybe one day, but for now this will perfectly do as I have my own space to write now. I did go on hiatus with writing as well a year ago, mostly due to being in the wrong mindset. I forced myself to write at least an article a week, and follow a specific ”checklist” to write my articles. This means that I had to write about the story of a racing game; something absolutely no one cares about. While that checklist did give the articles more quality as I also talked about the history of the game and the stuff that actually worked or not, it’s not what I wanted to write. I wanted to write about what I personally enjoyed and didn’t enjoy, not what the general public should or should not enjoy since it’s my own experience. There was, after all, another reason why I started writing. I am very forgetful to the point that I would even call it amnesia. I forget a lot about games; even whether I enjoyed it more or less than another game in the franchise. Making reviews was also a way for me to look back on and bring up memories. With my current writing style, I am accurately able to do so while still making it a review for people to enjoy. My writing style is still evolving as all things should, and that brings us to today where I am still happily writing reviews on a common basis!

3. Give two or more pieces of advice for new bloggers
There’s a good amount of advice that I would like to share with new bloggers, as I’ve been a victim to them multiple times by my own account.

  1. Never forget that blogging is a hobby, and should always be a hobby. Unless you suddenly become super famous and gain a huge fanbase, you should not see blogging as a job and thus not treat it as a job. What I mean by this is: don’t force yourself to write or live up to non-existent requirements. If you are blogging, chances are high that you started writing because you enjoy doing so. You should not turn this into something you don’t enjoy as I did. Don’t start blogging just to become famous, and don’t set your expectations too high right away; people will come and read your articles eventually.
  2. Looking back on the last advice: if you have trouble getting traffic, here are some tips.
    1. Use social media and abuse the tags. A lot of gamers are on social media and will frequently look at tags, come across your articles and with luck will share them on their own page or even talk to you.
    2. Use tags on WordPress. Many people use the reader to come across new blogs, searching for tags about their interests. That’s how I got to meet several people here after all.
    3. This is the point I really suck at. I am not a very social/talkative person, but getting to know other bloggers- and gamers will not only benefit you both from a business standpoint but also build contacts with new people.
  3. Develop your own writing style. This might take some time, but many people enjoy reading something unique instead of a general layout for an article. Not only that, but having your own writing style makes it more fun- and easy for yourself.
  4. Be yourself, write your own opinions. Don’t be bothered by people disagreeing with your opinions, because your real fans will respect your opinions and discuss them with you in a formal manner. Do not lie about your opinions just to please the reader, because you want to give people a different perspective with your writing. I myself am a fan of seeing bloggers talk negatively about something because these opinions often hold something of value that I personally would not think about. They can sometimes even be more informative than positive reviews.

4. Nominate 10 other bloggers Recommend some bloggers and link their blog
Ugh this is a tough one, especially since most people have already been tagged by this. Can I use this opportunity instead to link several blogs that already gotten the award? I can make my own rules right? Feels good being the boss around here! And I guess you can see this as a nomination soo if you haven’t gotten this nomination yet… Enjoy :).

If I did not tag you then first of all, what’s wrong with me? Second have no fear, Nepiki is here! I’ve been here the whole time but remember when I mentioned doing something similar to a weekly update? Look forward to that~

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