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It’s the Christmas season so you know what that means! Dinner with family, Christmas music on the radio 24/7 but most importantly for us gamers: gifts! It has been brought to my attention that the folks over at Fanatical have a very interesting deal that I couldn’t pass on. Fanatical is a bundle site that provides multiple steam keys for an often cheaper price than you would find them on Steam. With new bundles and games on sale almost every day, it is definitely a site worth checking out if you’re a PC gamer. So what is this interesting deal I’m talking about?

Fanatical currently has a special offer called the Winter Mystery Bundle, where you can purchase a select amount of games up to 10 and what you get is a complete mystery. For 1 euro/dollar you get one game, but for 7.45 you get 10 games! As they advertise it themselves: ‘’ Will you get an award-winner, a game from a blockbuster movie franchise, or a critically-acclaimed title… who knows!’’ Getting 10 games for that price is a steal anyways, and who knows what you’ll get? I’ve brought one package to see what my loot for today is, and decided to share it with you all to see if this deal is something you’re interested in yourself.

Tier 1: Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved (€14.99) – While I have never played a Geometry Wars game, I am however knowledgeable about how it plays. A twin Stick Shooter on a 3D grid? Sign me up!
Tier 2: Charlies Adventure (€4.99) – Never heard of this game before, but it’s a 2D Platformer which advertises ‘’easy to play, hard to master’’. That’s one game I’ll be willing to give a shot.
Tier 3: Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Remastered (€8.99) – I think I’ve heard of this game before? I got to be honest, it’s not my kind of game but hey, I got it now and I’ll inevitably play it someday.
Tier 4: Neon Space 2 (€4.99) – I have no idea what this game is either, but just looking at the screenshots I’m pretty excited for this one. It’s a game where you guide your ship from point A to point B while dodging obstacles and timing abilities.
Tier 5: Still not dead (€9.99) – A roguelite FPS with the gameplay of the original Doom? I’ll bite, this looks like a fun game to pass the time with!
Tier 6: FIVE Guardians of David (€7.99) – A Diablo-like game set in.. ancient Canaan? Why have I never heard of this!! This is a game I’ll definitely play, maybe get my Diablo co-op buddy to join in as well!
Tier 7: The Invisible Hours (€34.99) – A VR game.. I don’t have VR! Oh, it has a VR free patch, alright then. It is a murder mystery game in which you are able to fully explore a mansion to seek out the victim. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll give it a shot.
Tier 8: Galaxy Squad (€8.19) – Still in early access, looks like an Indie XCOM game with Faster than Light inspiration drawn in. Not really my first choice for a game to play but who knows, maybe it will turn out to be fun.
Tier 9: Gloom (€9.99) – A Lovecraftian 2D action game in complete black and white. From the screenshots and trailer it certainly looks like a game that’s up my ally. Yet another score!
Tier 10: Mr. Dubstep (€4.99) – This is essentially Geometry Dash. I haven’t played it, but looking at the trailer it scream Geometry Dash. But hey, I like that game so that should mean I might like this one as well. Yet another game I’m interested in!

So overall we got a pretty nice haul. Fahrenheit, The Invisible Hours and Galaxy Squad are the games that I’m least interested in, but all the other ones I’m definitely willing to give a shot. There were no cheap- or shovelware titles, so all in all this bundle was definitely worth my money. This bundle got me so interested that I might consider getting more, and maybe surprise my friends as well. So what are your thoughts on this deal, and is there a game you would like to see me write an article about? Let me know! Link:

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Major Klingberg

Fanatical is a package website that offers multiple steam keys to get an often cheaper cost than you’d locate them on Steam. Fanatical now includes a special offer called the Winter Mystery Bundle, where you could buy a pick number of matches around ten, and everything you get is an entire mystery. Tier 1: Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved ($14.99) – While I’ve never played with a Geometry Wars game, I’m however educated about the way it plays. Tier 3: Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Remastered ($8.99) – I believe I have heard of the game before? I have not played it but looking in the preview it shouts Geometry Dash.